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2004Summer Olympics in Athens 20042 euro14.03.200450 mil.
2004Fifth Enlargement of the European Union in 20042 euro14.03.20041 mil.
2004Effigy and Monogram of Grand Duke Henri2 euroJul 20042.49 mil.
2004Bartolomeo Borghesi2 euro15.12.2004110,000
200475th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Vatican City State2 euro15.12.2004100,000
2004Fifth Decade of the World Food Programme2 euroApr 200516 mil.
200550th birthday of Grand Duke Henri, 5th anniversary of his accession to the throne and 100th anniversary of the death of Grand Duke Adolphe2 euro15.01.20052.8 mil.
2005Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union2 euroApr 20056 mil.
20054th centenary of the first edition of Miguel de Cervantes’ The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha2 euroApr 20058 mil.
200550th Anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty2 euro11.05.20057 mil.
2005World Year of Physics 20052 euro14.10.2005130,000
200560th Anniversary of the Establishment of the United Nations and 50th Anniversary of Finland's UN Membership2 euro25.10.20052 mil.
20051st Anniversary of the Signing of the European Constitution2 euro29.10.200518 mil.
200520th World Youth Day, held in Cologne in August 20052 euro06.12.2005100,000
2006Winter Olympics in Turin 20062 euroJan 200640 mil.
200625th Birthday of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume2 euroJan 20061.1 mil.
2006Holstentor in Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein)2 euro03.02.200630 mil.
2006Renovation of the Atomium in Brussels2 euro10.04.20065 mil.
20061st Centenary of the Introduction of Universal and Equal Suffrage2 euro04.10.20062.5 mil.
2006500th Anniversary of the Death of Christopher Columbus2 euro17.10.2006120,000
2006500th Anniversary of the Swiss Guard2 euro09.11.2006100,000
2007Schwerin Castle (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)2 euroFeb 200730 mil.
2007Grand Ducal Palace2 euroFeb 20071.1 mil.
200750th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome2 euroMar 2007
2007Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union2 euroJul 20072 mil.
200725th Anniversary of the Death of Grace Kelly2 euroJul 200720,001
200780th birthday of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI2 euro01.10.2007100,000
2007200th Birthday of Giuseppe Garibaldi2 euro09.10.2007130,000
200790th Anniversary of Finland's Independence2 euro09.10.20072 mil.
2008St. Michaelis' Church (Hamburg)2 euroFeb 200830 mil.
2008Grand-Duke Henri and the ‘Château de Berg’2 euroFeb 20081.3 mil.
200860th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2 euroApr 20085 mil.
2008500th anniversary of Primož Trubar's birth2 euroMay 20081 mil.
2008European Year of Intercultural Dialogue2 euroMay 2008130,000
200860th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2 euroMay 20085 mil.
2008French Presidency of the Council of the European Union2 euroJul 200820 mil.
2008Paul the Apostle2 euroJul 2008100,000
200860th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2 euro15.09.20081.035 mil.
200860th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2 euro01.10.20081.5 mil.
200910th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Euro2 euro01.01.2009
200990th Anniversary of Grand Duchess Charlotte's Accession to the Throne2 euro15.01.20091.4 mil.
2009Ludwigskirche in Saarbrücken (Saarland)2 euro06.02.200930 mil.
2009Lusophony Games2 euro09.07.20091.285 mil.
2009European Year of Creativity and Innovation2 euro05.09.2009130,000
2009200th Anniversary of birth of Louis Braille2 euro25.09.20095 mil.
2009International Year of Astronomy2 euroOct 2009106,084
2009200th Anniversary of birth of Louis Braille2 euro15.10.20092 mil.
2009200 years of Finnish autonomy2 euro23.10.20091.6 mil.
200920th Anniversary of the Start of the Velvet Revolution2 euro11.11.20091 mil.
201070th Anniversary of the Appeal of June 18 by General de Gaulle2 euro?20 mil.
2010Year for priests2 euro?115,000
20102.500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon2 euro?2.5 mil.
2010150th anniversary of Finnish currency2 euro?1.6 mil.
2010Federal state of Bremen 2 euroFeb 201030 mil.
2010UNESCO: The historic town center of Cordoba 2 euroFeb 20108 mil.
2010Coat of arms of the Grand Duke 2 euroMar 20101 mil.
2010200th anniversary of birth of Camillo Benso2 euroMar 20104 mil.
2010200th anniversary of the Botanical Garden in Ljubljana 2 euroMay 20101 mil.
2010Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2010 2 euroJul 20105 mil.
2010100th anniversary of Republic Portugal2 euroSep 20102.035 mil.
2010500th Anniversary of the death of Sandro Botticelli2 euroSep 2010130,000
201120th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrad Group 2 euro10.01.20111 mil.
2011The 500th anniversary of the publication of the world-famous book Laus Stultitiae by Desiderus Erasmus2 euro24.01.20114 mil.
2011Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia 2 euro28.01.201130 mil.
201150th anniversary of the appointment by the Grand-Duchess Charlotte of her son Jean as lieutenant-représentant2 euro03.02.20111.4 mil.
2011UNESCO: Alhambra in Granada2 euro21.02.20118 mil.
2011100th anniversary of the birth of Franc Rozman2 euro21.03.20111 mil.
2011150th anniversary of unification of Italy 2 euro26.04.201110 mil.
2011100th anniversary of International Women’s Day 2 euro03.05.20115 mil.
2011The Special Olympics World Summer Games — Athens 2011 2 euro30.05.20111 mil.
2011500th Anniversary of the birth of Giorgio Vasari2 euro04.06.2011130,000
201130th anniversary of the Day of Music 2 euro21.06.201110 mil.
2011The wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock 2 euro02.07.2011147,877
2011500th annivesary of the birth of Fernão Mendes Pinto2 euro08.09.2011520,000
2011Constitutional history – first election of representatives in 1849 2 euroOct 2011430,000
2011200th anniversary of Bank of Finland 2 euro17.10.20111.5 mil.
2011XXVI World Youth Day Madrid 20112 euro28.10.2011115,000
2012Ten years of euro2 euro?
2012100th Anniversary of Abbé Pierre’s birth2 euro?10,00010,0001 mil.
20127th  World Meeting of Families 2 euro?115,000
2012Royal Wedding2 euro?512,000
2012Ten years of euro 2 euro01.01.2012
2012Bavaria 2 euro03.02.201230 mil.60,00052,000
2012100th Anniversary of the death of the William IV2 euroMar 2012700,00010,000
2012The Burgos Cathedral2 euro01.03.20128 mil.
2012100th Anniversary of the Death of Giovanni Pascoli2 euro23.04.201215 mil.
201275 years Queen Elisabeth Competition 2 euroMay 20125 mil.
2012Guimarães - Capital Europeia da Cultura em 20122 euro21.06.201210,00010,000500,000
2012The 500th anniversary of the foundation of Monaco's Sovereignty2 euro01.07.2012100,000
20121887 Majority Representation2 euroSep 2012400,0005,000
2012150th Anniversary of the Birth of Helene Schjerfbeck2 euro05.10.201213,0001.987 mil.
2013Príchod byzantskej misie sv. Cyrila a sv. Metoda na Veľkú Moravu - 1150. výročie2 euro?10,3001 mil.
20131921 Self Government2 euro?542,500
2013150th Anniversary of Pierre de Coubertin`s Birth2 euro?10,00010,0001 mil.
2013700th Anniversary of the Birth of Giovanni Boccaccio2 euro?10 mil.
2013200th Anniversary of the Birth of Giuseppe Verdi2 euro?10 mil.
2013World Youth Day 2013 - Rio2 euro?89,000
2013100th Anniversary of the union of Crete with Greece2 euro?7,500742,500
2013The 2400th Anniversary of the founding of Plato’s Academy2 euro?7,500742,500
201350 Years of the Élysée Treaty2 euro22.01.201311 mil.
201350 Years of the Élysée Treaty2 euro22.01.201311 mil.
2013The Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial2 euroJan 20138 mil.
2013800th Anniversary of the First Visit of the Postojna Cave2 euro04.02.20131 mil.
2013The Double Portrait2 euro06.02.201310,00025,00020 mil.
2013Baden-Württemberg: Kloster Maulbronn2 euroMay 20133 mil.
2013250 Years of the Torre dos Clérigos2 euroJun 201310,00015,000500,000
2013Sede Vacante MMXIII2 euro03.06.2013125,000
201320 years membership of the United Nations2 euro20.06.20131.249 mil.
2013100 years of the Royal Meteorological Institute2 euro01.09.201310,0002 mil.
2013The National Anthem2 euroSep 20131.4 mil.
2013The 500th Anniversary of the Death of Malers Pinturicchio2 euroSep 2013115,000
2013150th Anniversary of Parliament of 18632 euroSep 20131 mil.
2013125th Anniversary of the birth of Nobel prize winning author F.E.Sillanpaa2 euroNov 201311,0001.489 mil.
2013200 Years of Kingdom2 euro25.11.201310,00026,5001.25 mil.
201450 Years of Independence2 euro?7,500400,000
2014450th Anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei2 euro?6.5 mil.
2014200th Anniversary of the Carabinieri2 euro?6.5 mil.5,00020,000
2014175 Years of Independence of Luxembourg2 euro?10,000500,000
2014Works of Antoni Gaudí2 euro?10,0005,0008 mil.
201425 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall2 euro?103,000
2014200 Years Malta Police Force2 euro?300,000
2014Riga2 euro?1 mil.
201420 years in the Council of Europe2 euro?100,000
2014Niedersachsen: St. Michael zu Hildesheim2 euro07.02.201430.824 mil.
201410 Years of Slovakian Membership in European Union2 euroApr 20141 mil.
201440th Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution2 euro06.04.201410,00010,000500,000
201470th Anniversary of the D-Day2 euro07.04.201410,00010,0003 mil.
2014The Double Portrait 20142 euro10.04.201410,00025,0005 mil.
2014100 Years After the Beginning of the First World War2 euro25.04.20146,0006,0001.738 mil.
2014400 years since the Death of Domenikos Theotokopoulos2 euro05.05.201410,000742,500
2014150th Anniversary of the Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece2 euro05.05.201410,000742,500
2014100th Anniversary of the Birth of Tove Jansson2 euro16.06.201411,0001.489 mil.
2014500th Anniversary of the death of Bramante Lazzari delle Penne di San Marino2 euro23.06.2014110,000
2014150 Years of Red Cross in Belgium2 euro17.09.201412,500225,00050,000
201490th Anniversary of the Death of Giacomo Puccini2 euro29.09.2014100,000
2014600th Anniversary of the Coronation of Barbara of Cilli2 euroOct 20141 mil.6,500
201450th Anniversary of the Accession to the Throne of Grand Duke Jean2 euro01.10.2014500,00010,000
2014International Year of Family Farming2 euro31.10.201410,00010,000500,000
2014Ilmari Tapiovaara and the Art of Interior Design2 euro10.11.201411,000989,000
2014World AIDS Day 20142 euro24.11.20143 mil.
2014Juan Carlos / Felipe VI2 euroDec 201410,00025,00012 mil.
2015Republic 19742 euro?5,000400,000
20152000th Anniversary of the Founding of Emona2 euro?5,000980,000
201525 Jahre Deutsche Einheit2 euro?
2015World Meeting Of Families 20152 euro?
2015Cave of Altamira2 euro?8 mil.
201570 Years of United Nations2 euro?10,00010,0004 mil.
2015750th Anniversary of the Birth of Dante Alighieri2 euro?
2015500 Years of Portugiesisch-Timor2 euro?10,00010,000500,000
2015Presidency of the Council of the European Union2 euro?1 mil.
2015Stork2 euro?10,0001 mil.
2015EXPO Milan 20152 euro?
2015750th Anniversary of the Birth of Dante Alighieri2 euro?
2015100th Anniversary of the First Flight of Malta2 euro?25,000300,000
2015150 Years of Red Cross in Portugal2 euro?10,00010,000500,000
201515th anniversary of the accession to the throne of H.R.H. the Grand Duke 2 euro?1.4 mil.
201530 Years of the EU Flag2 euro?
2015150th Anniversary of the Birth of Akseli Gallen-Kallela2 euro?500,000
2015225th Anniversary of the Fête de la Fédération2 euro?
2015Lithuanian language2 euro?1 mil.10,000
2015125th anniversary of the House of Nassau-Weilburg2 euro?1.4 mil.
2015800th Anniversary of the Construction of the first Fortress on the Rock 12152 euro?10,000
201530th anniversary of the Coming of Age and Political Rights to the Men and Women turning 18 years old 2 euro?85,000
201525th anniversary of the Signature of the Customs Agreement with the European Union 2 euro?85,000
2015Hessen: Frankfurter Paulskirche2 euro30.01.2015
2015Jean Sibelius2 euro18.02.201511,000989,000
201525th anniversary of German reunification2 euro29.08.2015100,000
2015The European Year for Development2 euroSep 201515,000235,000
2015200th Anniversary of the Birth of Ľudovít Štúr2 euro23.10.20151 mil.
201575th Anniversary of the Death of Spyridon Louis2 euro23.11.20151,5007,500741,000
2016Sachsen: Dresdner Zwinger2 euro?30 mil.
2016 The Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising2 euro?4.5 mil.
2016200 Years of the Österreichische Nationalbank2 euro?16 mil.
2016Love2 euro?380,000
201625th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Slovenia2 euro?1 mil.3,500
2016Old Town of Segovia and its Aqueduct2 euro?8 mil.
2016100th Anniversary of the Birth of Paul Keres2 euro?500,000
2016100th Anniversary of the Birth of François Mitterrand2 euro?4 mil.
2016The Baltic Culture2 euro?1 mil.
201650 Years of Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge2 euro?1 mil.
2016200th Anniversary of Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City2 euro?105,000
2016Jubilee of Mercy2 euro?105,000
2016Olympic Games - Rio 20162 euro?650,000
2016Vidzeme 2 euro?1.03 mil.
2016Child Focus2 euro?1.02 mil.500
2016400th Anniversary of the Death of William Shakespeare2 euro?85,000
2016500th Anniversary of the Death of Donatello2 euro?1.5 mil.
20162200th Anniversary of the Death of Tito Maccio Plauto2 euro?1.5 mil.
201625th anniversary of the Radio and Television of Andorra 2 euro?85,000
2016150 years of the New Reform 1866 2 euro?85,000
2016Ġgantija Temples 2 euro?350,000
2016The Fifty Years of 25th April Bridge2 euro?500,000
2016The 150th anniversary of the foundation of Monte Carlo by Charles III 2 euro?15,000
20162016 UEFA European Championship 2 euro?10 mil.
2016First Presidency of the Slovak Republic of the Council of the European Union2 euroMar 20161 mil.
2016Olympic Games - Rio 20162 euro01.03.2016375,000
2016500th Anniversary of the Death of Donatello2 euro05.04.201685,000
2016Eino Leino2 euro25.04.201611,000989,000
2016The Latvian Brown2 euro18.07.20161.03 mil.
2016150 years from the Arkadi Monastery Torching 2 euro16.12.20161,5006,500742,000
2016120 years from the birth of Dimitri Mitropoulos 2 euro16.12.20161,5006,500742,000
2016Georg Henrik von Wright2 euro20.10.201711,000989,000
2017Rheinland-Pfalz: Porta Nigra2 euro?30 mil.
2017Peace 2 euro?405,000
2017Vilnius – capital of culture and art2 euro?1 mil.10,000
2017The events that preceded Estonia’s independence2 euro?1.5 mil.
2017The 50th anniversary of the voluntariness of the Luxembourg army 2 euro?500,0001,00012,500300,000
2017Centenary of Auguste Rodin 2 euro?10 mil.
2017200 Years Liege University 2 euro?5,000175,000
2017200th Birthday of the Grand Duke William III 2 euro?1,00012,500300,000
2017200th anniversary of the Ghent University 2 euro?200,000
2017UNESCO Maltese prehistoric temples of Hagar Qim2 euro?405,000
2017Centenary of the Fatima apparitions2 euro?105,000
20171950th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul2 euro?105,000
2017International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development2 euro?70,500
2017150 Years of Public Security2 euro?520,000
2017400th Anniversary of the completion of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice2 euro?1.5 mil.
2017Death of Titus Livius 2000 Years2 euro?1.5 mil.
2017Santa María del Naranco2 euro?4 mil.
2017750th anniversary of the birth of Giotto2 euro?70,500
2017Fight against breast cancer 2 euro?10 mil.
2017Paphos - the European Capital of Culture2 euro?430,000
2017Carabiniers of the Prince2 euro?15,000
2017550th anniversary of the establishment of Academia Istropolitana2 euroJan 20171 mil.
201710th anniversary of the introduction of the euro in Slovenia2 euro02.02.20172,5001 mil.
2017Independent Finland 100 Years 2 euro01.06.201711,0002.489 mil.
201760 years in memoriam of Nikos Kazantzakis2 euro10.07.20171,5004,500744,000
2017Archaeological site of Philippi 2 euro12.10.20171,5004,500744,000
2017Finnish nature2 euro21.10.20172.5 mil.
2017Kurzeme2 euro13.11.2017530,0007,000
2017Latgale2 euro13.11.2017530,0007,000
2017150 Years of Raul Brandão2 euro15.11.2017
2017100 years of the Andorra Anthem2 euro07.02.201885,000
2017Andorra - The Land in the Pyrenees2 euro07.02.201885,000
2018Berlin: Schloss Charlottenburg2 euro?
2018100. Geburtstag von Helmut Schmidt2 euro?
2018100th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence2 euro?10,0001 mil.
2018Historic Center of Santiago de Compostela2 euro?
2018250th Anniversary Of The National Printing Office2 euro?10,00010,000500,000
2018250th Anniversary of the Ajuda Botanical Garden2 euro?10,00010,000500,000
2018World Bee Day2 euro?1 mil.
2018European Year of Cultural Heritage2 euro?101,000
201825th anniversary of the Constitution of Andorra2 euro?75,000
2018Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration2 euro?
2018500th Anniversary of the Birth of Tintoretto2 euro?
201875th Anniversary of the Death of Kostis Palamas2 euro?748,000
201870th Anniversary of the Union of the Dodecanese with Greece2 euro?748,000
2018Koli National Park2 euro?1 mil.
2018Finnish sauna culture2 euro?1 mil.
2018250th Anniversary of the Birth of François Joseph Bosio2 euro?
201870 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2 euro?75,000
2018May 1968 civil protests2 euro?260,000
2018125th Anniversary of the Death of Guillaume I2 euro?
201850th Anniversary of the death of Padre Pio2 euro?10,00076,000
2018150th Anniversary of the Luxembourg Constitution2 euroJan 20188,000300,000
201870 Years of Constitution of the Italian Republic2 euroJan 20184 mil.
2018The Centenary of the Founding of the Republic of Austria2 euro02.01.201818.1 mil.
201825th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic2 euro03.01.20183,500996,500
201850th Birthday of King Felipe VI2 euro30.01.2018
2018100th Anniversary of the Baltic States2 euro31.01.201810,000500,000
2018100th Anniversary of the Baltic States2 euro31.01.201812,000500,000
2018100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia2 euro19.02.20181.3 mil.10,000
201860 Years of the Ministry of Health2 euro05.03.20183 mil.5,00010,000
2018Centenary of the end of World War I2 euroMay 2018
2018Simone Veil2 euro19.06.2018
2018Mnajdra Temples2 euroJul 201835,000300,000
201850 years ESRO-2B2 euro06.09.20187,500250,000
2018420th Anniversary of the Birth of Gian Lorenzo Bernini2 euro20.09.201860,500
2018Zemgale2 euro26.09.201812,000500,000
2018Cultural Heritage2 euroNov 201820,000300,000
2019150th anniversary of the first song festival2 euro?1 mil.
2019100th Anniversary of the first sitting of Dáil Éireann2 euro?1 mil.
2019550th Anniversary of the Death of Filippo Lippi2 euro?60,500
2019500th Anniversary of the Death of Leonardo da Vinci2 euro?60,500
2019Walls of Ávila2 euro?1 mil.
201930 Years of Fall of the Berlin Wall2 euro?15 mil.
2019100th Anniversary of the Birth of Manolis Andronicos2 euro?750,00015,000
2019150th Anniversary ot the Death of Andreas Kalvos2 euro?750,000
2019100th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand Duchess Charlotte2 euro?500,000
2019Temples of Ta’ Hagrat à Mġarr2 euro?35,000300,000
201925th anniversary of the restoration of the Sistine Chapel2 euro?91,000
201925 Years of European Monetary Institute2 euro?155,000
2019Sutartinės, Lithuanian multipart songs2 euro?5,000500,000
2019Samogitia2 euro?5,000495,000
201990th anniversary of the founding of the state of Vatican City2 euro?91,000
2019Alpine Skiing World Cup 20192 euro?60,000
2019200th Anniversary of the Accession to the Throne Prince Honoré V.2 euro?15,000
2019500th Anniversary of the Death of Leonardo da Vinci2 euroJan 20193 mil.
2019450th Anniversary of the Death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder2 euro24.01.20195,000150,000
2019Bun­des­rat2 euro29.01.201930,000,000
2019100th anniversary of the death of Milan Rastislav Štefánik2 euro01.04.20192,0001 mil.
2019500th Anniversary of the circumnavigation of the Earth by Ferdinand Magellan2 euroApr 201910,00010,000750,000
201960 Years of Asterix 2 euroApr 201910,000100,000200,000
2019600 years since the discovery of Madeira2 euroJun 201910,00010,000500,000
2019The Rising Sun2 euro17.09.2019300,0007,000
2019Solidarity children - Nature2 euroOct 201920,000300,000
2019Centenary of the Universal Voting Right2 euroOct 20191,0007,500300,000
2019Constitution Act of Finland 19192 euroOct 2019500,000
201930 Years of Fall of the Berlin Wall2 euro09.11.201930 mil.
2019600 Years of the General Council2 euro11.11.201960,000
2019University of Tartu2 euro19.11.20191 mil.7,500
2019100th Anniversary of the University of Ljubljana2 euro22.11.20191 mil.75010,000
2020Games2 euro?
2020Brandenburg - Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam2 euro?
2020Centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty2 euro?
2020Aukštaitija2 euro?
2020The Hill of Crosses2 euro?5,000495,000
2020500th Anniversary of the Birth of Adam Bohorič2 euro?
2020Entry of the Slovak Republic to the OECD2 euro?
2020200th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince Henry2 euro?
202075 years United Nations2 euro?
2020Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon2 euro?4 mil.5,000
2020Jan van Eyck2 euro?5,000150,000
2020International Year of Plant Health2 euro?
2020500th Anniversary of the Death of Raphael2 euro?
2020Latgalian Ceramics2 euro?12,000400,000
2020The Vigili del Fuoco - National Firefighters Corps2 euro?
2020Skorba Temples2 euro?750,000
20202500th Anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae2 euro?10,000735,000
2020100th Anniversary of the Bitrh of John Paul II2 euro?101,000
2020500th Anniversary of the Death of Raffaello2 euro?
2020100 Years since Tte Union of Thrace with Greece 2 euro?5,000743,000
2020XXVII. Ibero-American Summit 2020 Andorra2 euro?3,50070,000
202050 Years of Universal Suffrage in Andorra2 euro?60,000
2020100 Years of the University of Turku2 euro?
2020100th Anniversary of the Birth of Väinö Linna2 euro?800,000
202030 Years of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics2 euro?12,000400,000
2020300th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince Honoré III2 euro?
2020200th Anniversary of the First Antarctic Expedition2 euroJan 2020
2020Charles de Gaulle2 euro02.02.2020
2020150th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Montessori2 euro09.06.20205,000100,000
2020250th Anniversary of the Giovanni Battista Tiepolo2 euro17.08.202054,000
2020Medical research2 euro06.10.202010,000300,000
2020730 Years of the University of Coimbra2 euroNov 20205,0005,000350,000
2020Birth of Prince Charles2 euroDec 2020
202050 years of the Warschauer Kniefall (Warsaw genuflection)2 euro07.12.2020
2021Sachsen-Anhalt - Magdeburg Cathedral2 euro?
2021The Summer Olympic Games 20212 euro?5,0005,000500,000
2021100 years birth of Grand Duke John2 euro?7,500320,000
202140th anniversary of birth Grand Duke William II2 euro?7,500320,000
2021200th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Carniola Provincial Museum2 euro?
2021The Wolf - Estonian National Animal 2 euro?
2021Dzūkija2 euro?5,000495,000
2021Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve2 euro?5,000495,000
2021Presidency of the Council of the European Union2 euro?5,0005,000500,000
2021550th Anniversary of the Brith of Albrecht Dürer2 euro?54,000
2021500 Years of Carolus V2 euro?5,000150,000
2021700th Anniversary of the Detah of Dante Alighieri2 euro?9,30069,000
2021400th Anniversary of the Bith of Caravaggio2 euro?9,30069,000
2021Rome - The Capital City2 euro?
2021Healthcare professions2 euro?
2021Åland Autonomy 100 years2 euro?800,000
202175 Years of UNICEF2 euro?7.5 mil.
2021200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution2 euro?10,00020,0001.5 mil.
2021100 Years of Economic Union Belgium-Luxembourg (BLEU)2 euro?5,000150,000
2021100th Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady of Meritxell2 euro?70,000
2021The old population 2 euro?70,000
202110th anniversary of the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock 2 euro?15,000
2021100th anniversary of de iure recognition of Latvia2 euro26.01.202112,000400,000
2021Historic City of Toledo2 euro01.02.20214 mil.
2021450th Anniversary of the Brith of Caravaggio2 euro01.03.202154,000
2021Journalism and free press supporting Finnish democracy2 euro28.03.2021800,0007,000
2021The Finno-Ugric Peoples2 euroAug 202112,0001 mil.
2021Heroes of the Pandemic2 euro02.08.202160,000
2021Olympic Games Paris 20242 euro09.09.202110,000500,000
2021Tarxien temples2 euro26.10.202120,000150,000
2021100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Dubček2 euroNov 2021
2022Thüringen - Wartburg Castle in Eisenach2 euro?
2022300th anniversary of the construction of the first atmospheric steam engine in continental Europe2 euro?
2022150th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Estonian Literati2 euro?1 mil.
2022100 years of basketball in Lithuania2 euro?750,000
2022Suvalkija2 euro?
202250th Anniversary of the Luxembourg Flag2 euro?500,000
202210th Wedding Anniversary of Heir Grand Duke William and Heir Grand Duchess Stephanie2 euro?
2022Garajonay National Park2 euro?1 mil.
2022500th Anniversary of the First Circumnavigation of the Earth2 euro?1 mil.
202235th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme2 euro?
2022150th Anniversary of Birth of Architect Jože Plečnik2 euro?
2022100 Years of National Ballet in Finland 2 euro?400,000
202230th Anniversary of Death of Judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino2 euro?
2022170th Anniversary of Foundation of the Italian National Police2 euro?
2022100th anniversary of the first crossing of the South Atlantic by plane2 euro?7,5007,5001 mil.
2022Financial Literacy2 euro?8,000400,000
2022Hal Saflieni Hypogeum2 euro?20,000150,000
2022Jacques Chirac 2 euro?10,000
2022200 Years from the First Greek Constitution2 euro?745,500
2022Centenary of the Prince Albert I. of Monaco2 euro?
2022Slava Ukraini2 euro?
2022Olympic Games Paris 20242 euro?260,000
2022The Climate Research2 euro?400,000
202225th Anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta2 euro?9,25067,000
2022125th Anniversary of the birth of Pope Paul VI2 euro?9,25067,000
2022The Legend of Charlemagne2 euro?70,000
202210 years of currency agreement between Andorra and the EU2 euro?70,000
2022United Nations Security Council Resolution on Women Peace & Security2 euro?53,000
2022200th Anniversary of the Birth of Antonio Canova2 euro01.03.202155,000
2022530th Anniversary of the Death of Piero Della Francesca2 euro28.04.202255,000
2022The Healthcare2 euro16.05.20225,000155,000
2023100th Anniversary of the First Blood Transfusion in Slovakia2 euro?
2023200th Anniversary of the Regular Start of Horse-drawn Express Mail Vienna - Bratislava2 euro?
2023Hamburg - The Elbphilharmonie2 euro?
20231275th Anniversary of the Birth of Charlemagne2 euro?
202325th anniversary of Grand Duke Henri as a member of the International Olympic Committee2 euro?3,50010,000120,000
2023175th anniversary of the Chamber of Deputies and the first constitution in 18482 euro?1,000130,000
2023The Barn Swallow2 euro?
2023Together with Ukraine2 euro?
2023150th Anniversary of the Birth of Josip Plemelj2 euro?3,7506,000990,250
2023Olympic Games Paris 20242 euro?10,000250,000
202310th Rugby World Cup in France2 euro?10,000110,00015 mil.
2023Old Town of Cáceres2 euro?1 mil.
2023Slava Ukrainai!2 euro?
2023150th Anniversary of the Death of Alessandro Manzoni2 euro?
2023100 Years Military Air Force2 euro?3 mil.
2023100 Years from the Birth of Maria Callas2 euro?741,000
2023150 Years from the Birth of Constantin Carathéodory2 euro?745,500
2023World Youth Day 2023 Lisabon2 euro?7,5007,5001 mil.
2023Peace Among Nations2 euro?7,5007,5001 mil.
2023Finland's first nature conservation law2 euro?400,000
2023500th anniversary of the death of Pietro Perugino2 euro?9,50082,500
2023Social and health services as guarantors of public welfare2 euro?400,000
2023550th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicolaus Copernicus2 euro?90,500
2023225th Anniversary Arrival of the French in Malta2 euro?80,500
202360th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Central Bank of Cyprus2 euro?12,000400,000
2023500th anniversary of the death of Luca Signorelli2 euro?
2023100th Anniversary of the Birth of Rainier III2 euro?25,000
2023Member of the Euro Area2 euro?250,000
2023Summer Solstice Festivals2 euro?70,000
2023500 years since the death of Perugino2 euro27.04.202356,000
2023Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU 20232 euro01.06.20231.5 mil.
2023Art Nouveau2 euro20.06.20235,000155,000
202350 Years of European Union Membership2 euro22.06.2023500,0001,000500,000
2023150th Anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni2 euro26.10.202382,500
2024100th Anniversary of the International Marathon Run in Košice2 euro?
2024Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Königsstuhl2 euro?
2024Olympic Games Paris 20242 euro?10,000500,000
2024Estonian national flower, the cornflower2 euro?12,0001 mil.
2024250th anniversary of the National and University Library2 euro?
2024175th Anniversary of the Death ot the Grand Duke Guillaume II2 euro?
2024100th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Franc Coins bearing of the image of the Feierstëppler2 euro?
2024175th Anniversary Paulskirche Constitution2 euro?
2024Presidency of the Council of the EU2 euro?5,000125,000
2024530th Anniversary of the Death of Domenico Ghirlandaio2 euro?
202450th Anniversary of the Declaration of Civil Rights and the Basic Principles of the Legal System2 euro?
2024National Police Corps2 euro?1.5 mil.
2024500th Anniversary of the Principality of Monaco2 euro?25,000
2024Elections and democracy2 euro?400,000
2024150th birthday of Penelope Delta2 euro?
202450th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Greece2 euro?
202450th anniversary of the revolution of 25 April 19742 euro?7,5007,500500,000
2024Portugal's participation in the 33rd Olympic Games2 euro?7,5007,500500,000
2024Fight against cancer in Belgium2 euro?
2024The Olympic torch2 euro?
2024250th anniversary of the founding of the Guardia di Finanza2 euro?
2024750th Anniversary of the death of Thomas Aquinas2 euro?
2024150th Anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi2 euro?
2024Lithuanian Tradition of Straw Gardens2 euro?
2024Varaždin City2 euro?250,000
2024The Archivo General de Indias in Seville2 euro?1.5 mil.
2024Rita Levi-Montalcini2 euro22.04.20249,7229,722250,000
2024The Maltese Honey Bee2 euro01.09.202480,000
2024Maltese Walled Cities Ċittadella Gozo2 euro01.09.202480,000
2025100th Anniversary of the First International Sports Tournament in Slovakia2 euro?
2025Saarland - Saarschleife2 euro?
2025500 years since the first text was printed in the Estonian language2 euro?
202535 Years of German Unity2 euro?