2 euro - Games

Series: Malta - Commemorative 2 euro coins

Image of 2 euro coin - Games | Malta 2020
The students were given the opportunity by their Art teachers to participate in a local competition called ‘ Childrens’ coin competition’, organized by the Central Bank of Malta. The students had to design a €2 coin where “subject to the approval of the European Commission, the winning designs will be reproduced on the national side of the Maltese €2 Commemorative Coins”.

They had to design a coin for each year:
--> 2018- theme: Culture heritage
--> 2019- theme: Nature/Environment
--> 2020- theme: Games

Two of our yr7 students WON: Nichole Dimech won the 2018 competition while Ymen Riahi won the 2020 competition.

The students are going to receive a prize for their achievement during a Prize Giving ceremony in June and the school is going to be rewarded a fantastic sum of €1000. WELL DONE TO ALL THE PARTICIPATING STUDENTS!!
Source: Facebook Rabat Middle School St. Nicholas College