2 euro - Member of the Euro Area

Series: Croatia - Commemorative 2 euro coins

Image of 2 euro coin - Member of the Euro Area | Croatia 2023
The Croatian National Bank issued the first Croatian 2-euro commemorative coin on the occasion of the introduction of the euro as a monetary unit in the Republic of Croatia on January 1, 2023. The coin was minted at the Croatian Mint and was issued in a quantity of 250,000. The author of the design of the national side is Nikola Vudrag, a university bachelor’s degree in sculpture. Description of the national side of the commemorative coin: The coin’s core features the inscriptions of the issuing country “HRVATSKA” (Croatia) and the year of issuance “2023.”, depicted horizontally, as well as the words “ČLANICA EUROPODRUČJA” (member of the euro area), which are inscribed along the outer edge of the coin’s core. These inscriptions symbolically form a stylised symbol of the euro “€”. The other central motive of the commemorative coin is Croatia’s distinctive and recognisable symbol, the Croatian checkerboard, which represents part of the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia laid down in the Act on the Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Croatia and on the Flag and the Sash of the President of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 55/1990, 26/1993 and 29/1994). The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag. The edge lettering of the coin features the text “O LIJEPA O DRAGA O SLATKA SLOBODO” (Oh beautiful, oh dear, oh sweet freedom) from the Hymn to Freedom, which is an integral part of the pastoral play “Dubravka” by the 17th century Croatian writer Ivan Gundulić. The commemorative 2-euro coin is minted according to the technical specifications for the 2-euro circulation coin in accordance with Council Regulation (EU) No 729/2014 of 24 June 2014 on denominations and technical specifications of euro coins intended for circulation. The commemorative 2-euro coin comes in coincard pack.