2 euro - Together with Ukraine

Series: Lithuania - Commemorative 2 euro coins

Image of 2 euro coin - Together with Ukraine | Lithuania 2023
The centre of the national side (obverse) of the coin features a stylised sunflower with petals resembling silhouettes of people holding hands, embracing and protecting each other, embodying unity, support and the power of being together. Using artistic means, the sunflower is designed as the rising Sun – the hope of a new beginning, and as birds – freedom, hope and courage, as people rising above the circumstances, never accepting any forced will, it is an allusion to those who have sacrificed their lives and their departing souls. The composition is surrounded by inscriptions LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), KARTU SU UKRAINA (TOGETHER WITH UKRAINE), the year of issue (2023) and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union flag.