2 euro - Slava Ukrainai!

Series: Latvia - Commemorative 2 euro coins

Image of 2 euro coin - Slava Ukrainai! | Latvia 2023
Latvijas Banka will issue a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to Ukraine at the beginning of 2023. The national side of the coin will depict one of the symbols of the Ukrainian people in the fight for peace – a sunflower. Ukraine is the world's largest sunflower grower/producer and exporter of sunflower oil. However, sunflowers are important not only from the point of view of the national economy – since Russia started the cruel war in Ukraine, the sunflower has also become a global symbol of peace. For the first time, sunflowers were used in Ukraine as a symbol of peace in the summer of 1996. They were planted at the Pervomaisk missile base to mark the removal of nuclear weapons from the country. Currently, sunflowers are used by people all over the world to express their support for the Ukrainian people. The author of the graphic design of the national side of the new commemorative coin is artist Krišs Salmanis. Latvijas Banka plans to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin in souvenir packaging (in Brilliant Uncirculated quality) and circulation quality (rolls).