The Europa Coin Programme, also known as the European Silver Programme, or the Eurostar Programme, is an initiative dedicated to the issuance of collector-oriented legal tender coins in precious metals to celebrate European identity. The issuing authorities of EU member countries voluntarily contribute coins to the Europa Coin Programme. Multiple countries have participated in the programme, beginning in 2004. Some coins are denominated in euro, others are denominated in other currencies. Europa coins are legal tender.

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2004EU enlargement5 ?55,000600,000
2004Enlargement of the European Union10 ?50,000
2004The Europa Program - Enlargement of the European Union10 ?50,000
2004Enlargement of the European Union8 ?35,000300,000
2004Enlargement of the European Union 1.5 ?40,000
2004EU Enlargement 5 28.01.2004125,000275,000
2004European Union Accession10 08.04.200850,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom 5 ?40,0001 mil.
200560 Years of Peace 10 ?55,0005,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom10 ?50,000
2005The Europa Program - Peace and Freedom10 ?40,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom8 ?15,000300,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom 1.5 ?50,000
2005The European Anthem-Ludwig van Beethoven 5 11.05.2005125,000275,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom 10 03.11.200522,000
2006400. birthday of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn 5 ?35,000650,000
2006J.V. Snellman 10 ?29,0007,000
2006400. anniversary of the death Justus Lipsius10 ?50,000
2006Leonardo da Vinci10 ?25,000
2006The Europa Program – Charles V10 ?35,000
2006Henry the Navigator - Prince of Portugal8 ?22,000100,000
2006120th anniversary of the birth of the Robert Schuman 1.5 ?40,000
2006125th Anniversary of the Birth of Béla Bartók5000 ?25,000
2006Sir Temistokle Zammit 5 lira?15,000
2006Samuel Beckett Birth 100th Anniversary10 lira02.05.200635,000
2006250th Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 5 lira10.05.2006125,000375,000
2006100th anniversary of birth of composer Jaroslav Ježek 20 September 2006200 lira20.09.200620,00011,500
2006200th Anniversary of the Birth ot the Karol Kuzmany200 crowns26.09.200612,4504,900
2007A.E. Nordenskiöld and North-East Passage 10 crowns?33,0007,000
200750 Years Treaty of Rome10 crowns?40,000
200750 Years Treaty of Rome10 crowns?20,504
2007The Europa Program – 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome10 crowns?35,000
2007Airship Passarola of Bartolomeu de Gusmao8 crowns?25,00070,000
2007250th Anniversary of the Death of Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban1.5 crowns?30,000
2007Jean De La Valette5 lira?15,000
2007100 Years Universal Male Suffrage 5 lira10.01.2007100,000150,000
2007200th Anniversary of the Birth of Lajos Batthyány5000 lira09.02.200720,000
2007650th anniversary of laying of the foundation stone of Charles Bridge in Prague200 lira20.06.200720,00010,800
2007Ireland’s Influence on European Celtic culture10 lira12.09.200735,000
2008Architecture in Netherlands 5 lira?25,000350,000
2008Finnish flag 10 lira?26,0009,000
2008100 years The blue bird - colored10 lira?20,000
2008500. birthday of Andrea Palladio10 lira?16,000
2008Europa Program-Alphonse X the Wise10 lira?20,000
200850 years European Parliament 1.5 lira?30,000
2008Cross crafting 50 lira?10,000
2008Song Festival1 lira?10,000
2008UNESCO Heritage Site of Skellig Michael10 lira23.04.200825,000
2008Fado2.5 lira03.05.200820,000150,000
2008150th anniversary of the issue of the first postage stamps, referred to as Bull's Head10 lira05.05.20081,000
2008100th Birthday of Herbert von Karajan5 lira07.05.2008100,000150,000
2008The Auberge de Castille10 lira01.09.200818,000
2008Tokaj Historic Wine Region Cultural Landscape5000 lira04.11.200815,0005,000
2008Farewell to the Slovak Koruna1000 crowns01.12.200822,000
2009Fredrik Pacius 200 yrs 10 crowns?28,0007,000
2009Erasmus of Rotterdam10 crowns?15,000
2009100th anniversary of the Nobel prize to Guglielmo Marconi10 crowns?18,000
2009Europa Program- Felipe II10 crowns?18,000
2009Cultural Heritage: 40th Anniversary of the First Flight of Concorde 10 crowns?30,000
2009Christmas tree1 crowns?20,000
2009200th Anniversiary of the Death of Joseph Haydn5 crowns14.01.2009100,000450,000
2009Portuguese Literature2.5 crowns01.04.200915,000150,000
200980th Anniversary of Ploughman´s Banknotes Launch10 crowns06.05.200915,000
2009La Castellania10 crowns19.06.200915,000
2009400th anniversary - Kepler´ s Laws of Planetary Motion200 crowns21.10.200920,70010,700
2009500th Anniversary of the birth of the John Calvin5000 crowns29.10.200912,000
2010Nederland Waterland5 crowns?17,500250,000
2010Eero Saarinen and architecture 10 crowns?20,0006,000
2010100 years African Museum10 crowns?20,000
2010Italy of Arts – Roman city of Aquileia. 10 crowns?11,000
2010Europa Program - Antoni Gaudí10 crowns?12,000
2010European Architecture: Georges Pompidou Centre10 crowns?30,000
2010Terreiro do Paço2.5 crowns10.06.200915,000120,000
2010UNESCO World Heritage – Wooden Temples in the Slovak Part of the Carpathian Arch 10 crowns15.03.201017,3259,900
201025th anniversary of Gaisce/The President's Award10 crowns01.04.201012,000
2010Auberge d’Italie10 crowns01.06.201012,500
2011Pehr Kalm and European Explorers 10 crowns?14,0006,000
2011European Explorers: Antonio and Roberto Pazzaglia5 crowns?
2011Belgian deep sea exploration10 crowns?15,000
2011Amerigo Vespucci 10 crowns?17,000
2011Europa Program - Francisco de Orellana10 crowns?12,000
2011European Explorers: Jacques Cartier10 crowns?30,000
2011St. Brendan The Navigator10 crowns15.02.2011
2011Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin 20 crowns23.02.201150,000
2011The Phoenicians in Malta10 crowns05.04.201110,000
2011European Explorers: Hermenegildo Capelo and Roberto Ivens2.5 crowns20.04.20119,000100,000
2012Juan Gris10 crowns?10,000
2012125th Anniversary of Birth of József Reményi5000 crowns23.01.20126,000
2012Jack Butler Yeats10 crowns25.01.201212,000
2012Birth of painter and puppeteer Jiří Trnka500 crowns01.02.201212,1006,800
2012150th anniversary of the birth of Henrik Wigström 10 crowns20.02.201215,00015,000
2012Antonio Sciortino - Les Gavroches10 crownsMar 201210,000
2012Egon Schiele20 crowns14.03.201250,000
2012Portuguese painter José Malhoa2.5 crownsApr 201210,000100,000
2012Paul Delvaux10 crowns14.05.201215,000
2012Master Pavol of Levoča 10 crowns24.05.201211,8707,400
2012Michelangelo Buonarroti10 crowns01.08.201217,000
2012Sculpture5 crowns10.09.201212,500
2012100th Anniversary of the birth of Aligi Sassu10 crowns24.09.201212,000
2012Kārlis Zāle1 crowns07.11.20127,000
2013Hugo Claus10 crowns?
2013Luigi Pirandello10 crowns?7,000
2013Frans Eemil Sillanpää10 crowns01.02.201320,000
2013Dun Karm Psaila10 crowns01.02.2013
2013Miguel de Cervantes10 crowns18.03.201310,000
2013Stefan Zweig20 crowns20.03.201350,000
2013José Saramago2.5 crownsApr 20137,500
2013James Joyce10 crowns10.04.201310,000
2014Gioachino Rossini10 crowns?5,000
2014Charles Camilleri10 crowns?5,000
2014Charles Camilleri50 crowns?1,500
2014200th Anniversary of Birth of BÉNI EGRESSY (1814-1851) 10000 crowns?5,000
2014Manuel de Falla10 crowns?7,500
2014Count John McCormack10 crowns29.01.20148,000
2014200th Anniversary of the Birth of Adolphe Sax10 crowns04.02.201415,000
2014Marcos Portugal2.5 crowns01.03.2014
2014Salzburg10 crowns07.05.201430,00040,000130,000
201570th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War10 crowns?
201570 Years of United Nations10 crowns?7,500
201570 Years of United Nations10 crowns?
201570 years of Peace in Europe10 crowns?1,000
201570 Years of Peace in Europe2.5 crowns01.03.20152,500100,000
201570 years of Peace in Europe10 crowns18.05.201510,000
201570 Years of Peace in Europe10 crowns25.05.201510,000
2016Antonio Sciortino (1879-1947)10 crowns?3,000
2016Enzo Ferrari10 crowns?8,000
2016The Modernism5 crowns?7,500100,000
2016Contemporary Europe10 crowns?7,500
2016Europa: Modern 20th Century 10 crowns?10,000
2017Eurostar: Antwerp Station10 crowns?5,000
2017Ha'Penny Bridge10 crowns?4,000
2017Argotti Botanical Gardens Conservatory 10 crowns?3,000
2017Gallery Victory Emanuele II in Milan10 crowns?5,000
2017The Age of Iron and Glass10 crowns?7,500
2017The Age of Iron and Glass5 crowns?7,50060,000
2017Age of Iron and Glass 10 crowns?20,000
2017Age of Iron & Glass10 crowns16.03.20175,000
2018Baroque and Rococo - Adamantios Korais10 crowns?
2018The Baroque Age5 crowns?7,50060,000
2018Peter Paul Rubens10 crowns?1,000
2018Baroque and Rococo10 crowns?7,500
2018The Baroque10 crowns22.02.20184,000
2018Baptism of Christ10 crownsMar 20182,500
2018The Age of Baroque and Rococo10 crowns24.04.201810,000
2018Baroque and Rococo10 crowns18.05.20188,000
2019Europa Star 2019 - Renaissance10 crowns?5,000
2019450th Anniversary of the Death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder10 crowns24.01.20195,000
2019The Renaissance5 crowns01.02.20195,00040,000
2019The Gran Carracca of the Order of St John10 crownsMar 20192,500
2019Renaissance Era Europa10 crowns01.03.20195,000
2019The Renaissance200 crowns26.05.20192,500
2019The Renaissance10 crowns26.05.20192,500
2020Europa Star 2020 - Gothic10 crowns?5,000
2020Gothic Era Europa10 crowns01.04.20205,000
2020L’Isle Adam Graduals10 crownsMay 20202,500
2020Gothic10 crowns01.08.20205,000
2020Gothic - Jan van Eyck10 crowns01.11.20205,000
2020The Gothic5 crowns01.12.20202,50020,000
2020Gothic Architecture in Ireland10 crowns01.11.20212,000