10 euro - Baroque and Rococo

Series: Finland - Silver 10 euro coins

Image of 10 euro coin - Baroque and Rococo | Finland 2018
The Baroque style, originating from 17th century Italy, brought extravagance and rich ornamentation to art and architecture. Its successor, the Rococo style, sought to achieve elegance and beauty and is principally identified with the French court of the 18th century. The Baroque and the Rococo styles have found a Scandinavian interpretation in sea fortress Suomenlinna. The Baroque style is reflected in many parts of the Suomenlinna fortress and the decorative ideals of Rococo are reflected in the living areas of the fortress. The reverse of the commemorative coin bears the portrait of the architect of Suomenlinna, Augustin Ehrensvärd, and the cartographic image of the fortified island. The obverse features the mints’ shared Europa Star symbol and Finland’s national Lion emblem. The Baroque and Rococo EUR 10 commemorative coin is part of the Europa Star programme in which European countries release coins with the shared theme of “Ages of Europe”. The commemorative coins are individually packaged in plastic casings set in a birch veneer frame crafted by Finnish carpenter Wooden Oy. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the story behind the commemorative coin.