5,000 forint - 125th Anniversary of Birth of József Reményi

Series: Hungary - Silver forint coins

Image of 5000 forint coin - 125th Anniversary of Birth of József Reményi | Hungary 2012.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
József Reményi sculptor and medaillist (Kassa, modern-day Košice in Slovakia, 23 January 1887 – Budapest, 25 December 1977) was one of the pioneers of Hungarian art of medal making of the 20th century, who along with Ö. Fülöp Beck raised the numismatic art to an artistic rank and gained international recognition. The front of the coin recalls one of the female figures holding a jug of Reményi's work 'The Daughters of Danaus', in the form of a plaque. A portrait of Reményi in his later years by the designer Mihály Fritz is found on back of the coin, together with the EuroStar logo, which confirms that the coin is part of the "EUROPA" international collector programme.