10 euro - Europa Program-Alphonse X the Wise

Series: Spain - European Silver Programme

Image of 10 euro coin - Europa Program-Alphonse X the Wise | Spain 2008.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
In 2004, coinciding with the expansion of the European Union, several Mints from the old continent joined forces in the numismtic program entitled Europa, for the purpose of minting collector coins with a common theme. Under the motto "European Heritage" the Spanish Mint has issued the 5th Series of collector coins in the Europa Program. The issue is dedicated to the memory of King Alfonso X the Wise (1221-1284), recognized worldwide for having created the Translators' School of Toledo and for his extensive legal, historical, scientific and literary works. The obverse of the silver coin has been struck with the effigy of His Majesty King Juan Carlos. Centrally placed on the reverse is a rendering of the seated statue of King Alphonse X the Wise, sculpted by J. Alcoverro for the steps of the main façade of the National Library of Spain.