2003Europe of the people5 euro?8,00025,000
2003Europe of the Work5 euro?12,00050,000
200450 years Television in Italy5 euro04.10.200410,00030,000
2004FIFA Football World Cup 2006 in Germany5 euro18.10.200434,750
200480. anniversary of the death of Giacomo Puccini - Madame Butterfly5 euro29.11.20048,00013,500
2005XX. Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin - Figure skating5 euro15.03.200540,000
2005XX. Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin - Cross-Country Skiing5 euro30.06.200528,000
2005XX. Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin - Ski Jumping5 euro14.11.200524,800
200585. birthday of Federico Fellini5 euro30.11.20056,60024,500
2006FIFA Football World Cup 2006 in Germany5 euro01.06.200619,500
200660 years Republic of Italy5 euro01.06.20065,80022,000
20075 years Kyoto Protocol5 euro31.05.20075,51019,000
2007100. birthday of Altiero Spinelli5 euro06.06.20077,000
2007200. birthday of Giuseppe Garibaldi5 euro26.06.20078,000
200750th anniversary of the death bon Arturo Toscanini5 euro03.09.20077,000
200830th Anniversary of the foundation IFAD 5 euro13.02.20085,00018,600
200860th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Italian Republic 5 euro26.02.20089,000
2008100th anniversary of the birth Anna Magnani 5 euro26.03.20089,000
2008200th anniversary of the birth Antonio Meucci5 euro10.04.20089,000
2009100th anniversary Giro d'Italia 5 euro17.04.200914,000
2009300th Anniversary of the Discovery of Herculaneum5 euro06.07.20099,000
2009XIII FINA World Championship 5 euro06.10.20095,50021,000
2010100th anniversary of the first Alfa Romeo ever built in 1910 5 euro?5,00017,000
2010100th anniversary of the Italian employers' federation 5 euro05.05.20107,500
2010Santa Chiara in Naples 5 euro08.06.20107,500
2011Italy of Arts – Anagni 5 euro?7,000
2011180th Anniversary of the Italian Council of State 5 euro?7,000
2011150th anniversary of Italian unification 5 euro?10,000
2011100 years of the Mint Palace5 euro12.12.20117,000
2012150th Anniversary of the Italian Lira5 euro?7,000
2012150th Anniversary of the Court of Audit5 euro?7,000
2012500th Anniversary of the Unveiling of the Sistine Chapel Frescoes5 euroMay 20127,00010,000
2012Italy of Arts: Campobasso5 euro04.12.20127,000
2013Italian Art: Selinunt5 euro?7,000
2013The Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli5 euro?7,000
2013150th Anniversary of the Death of Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli5 euro?
2013150th Anniversary of the Birth of Gabriele D’Annunzio5 euro?
2014500th Anniversary of the Death of Donato Bramante5 euro?
2014Presidency of the Council of the European Union5 euro01.07.20145,000
2014Villas and Historical gardens: Villa Lante at Bagnaia 5 euro30.09.20145,000
2014Abbey of San Fruttuoso5 euro05.11.20145,000
2015Boboli-Garten5 euro?
2015100 Years of Earthquake in Avezzano5 euro?5,000
2015Perugia5 euro?
2016Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU5 euro?5,000
2016150 Years since the establishment of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross5 euro?
2016Italy of Arts: Recanati5 euro?4,000
2016Historical Villas & Gardens: Villa Cicogna Mozzoni5 euro?4,000
2016Marche – Recanati5 euro?4,000
2017Foundation of the Prison Constabulary 200 Years5 euro?8,000
2017Francesco De Sanctis 200 years5 euro?3,000
2017Italy of Arts: Trentino Alto Adige5 euro?3,000
201760 Years of Fiat5 euro?4,000
201760th Anniversary of the Treaties Of Rome5 euro?10,000
2017150th Anniversary it the Birth of Benedetto Croce5 euro?11,000
201850th Anniversary of the foundation of the National Association of the State Police5 euro?
2018900th Anniversary of the consecration5 euro?4,000
2018The Venetian Villas – Veneto5 euro?4,000
201870 Years of Constitution of the Italian Republic5 euro02.01.20185,000
2019150th Anniversary of the foundation of the General Accounting Office of the State5 euro?1,500
2019Vespa5 euro?20,000
2019Centenary of the National Alpine Association5 euro?10,000
201930th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall5 euro?6,000
201950th Anniversary of the Man on the Moon landing5 euro?6,000
2019Tuscany - Santa Maria del Fiore – Florence5 euro?4,000
2019Centenary of the disappearance of Cesari Maccari5 euro?2,500
202030th Anniversary of the Telethon Foundation5 euro28.02.20205,000
2020500th Anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio5 euro10.03.20205,000
2020International Year of Plant Health5 euro19.03.20202,00010,000
2020Olivetti Lettera 225 euro07.04.20203,000
2020Italy's Food & Wine Culture - Pizza and Mozzarella5 euro21.04.2020
202050th Anniversary of the establishment of the Regions with ordinary statute5 euro25.11.20202,500
2021Alpine World Ski Championships 20215 euro26.01.20215,000
2021NUTELLA® by the Ferrero Group5 euro05.02.20215,000
2021150th Anniversary of the birth of Grazia Deledda5 euro10.06.20215,000
2021700th Anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri: Inferno5 euro05.08.20216,000