Coin series

Country Series Years Face value Diameter Alloy Quality
Austria AustriaAlpine Treasures2020–present50 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaAustria on the High Seas2004–200620 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaAustria’s Unsung Heroines2023–present20 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaAustrian Railways2007–200920 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaAustrian Wildlife2013–2018100 euro30.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaCastles of Austria2002–200410 euro32.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Austria AustriaCelebrated Physicians of Austria2007–201050 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaColourful Creatures2016–20193 euro34.00 mmCopperUNC
Austria AustriaCrowns of the Habsburg2010–2012100 euro30.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaEmpress Maria Theresa2017–201820 euro3.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaEuropean Silver Programme2011–present20 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaFederal Provinces2012–201610 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaGreat Abbeys of Austria2006–200810 euro32.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Austria AustriaGreat Composers2004–200650 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaGuardian Angels2017–201810 euro32.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Austria AustriaJugendstil2004–2007100 euro30.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaKlimt and his Women2012–201650 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaKnight's Tales2019–present10 euro30.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Austria AustriaLuminous Marine Life2022–present3 euro34.00 mmCopperUNC
Austria AustriaMozart: Wunderkind - Genius - Legend2015–201620 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaPrehistoric Life2013–201520 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaReaching for the Sky2019–present20 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaRome on the Danube2010–201220 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaSilver 5 euro coins2002–present5 euro28.50 mmSilverBU, UNC
Austria AustriaSilver-Niobium 25 euro coins2003–present25 euro34.00 mmBimetal: silver, niobiumBU
Austria AustriaSupersaurs2020–20213 euro34.00 mmCopperUNC
Austria AustriaTales and Legends of Austria2009–201110 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaThe Eyes of the World2021–present20 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaThe Language of Flowers2021–present10 euro32.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Austria AustriaThe Magic of Gold2019–present100 euro30.00 mmGoldProof
Austria AustriaThe Uncharted Universe2021–present20 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Austria AustriaThe Vienna Schools of Psychotherapy2017–present50 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Belarus BelarusBird of the year2007–present10 rubles32.00 mmSilverProof
Belarus BelarusHorses2011–201220 rubles45.00 mmSilverProof
Belarus BelarusSailing Ships 2008–201120 rubles38.61 mmSilverBU
Belarus BelarusThe Solar System2012–201210 rubles32.00 mmSilverProof
Belgium Belgium2.5 euro coins2015–present2.5 euro25.65 mmBrassBU
Belgium BelgiumBelgian Royal Dynasty2006–201112.5 euro14.00 mmGoldProof
Belgium BelgiumGold 100 euro coins2002–present100 euro29.00 mmGoldProof
Belgium BelgiumGold 25 euro coins2008–presentvariable 18.00 mmGoldBU
Belgium BelgiumGold 50 euro coins2004–present50 euro21.00 mmGoldProof
Belgium BelgiumQueens of the Belgians2012–201712.5 euro14.00 mmGoldProof
Belgium BelgiumSilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro33.00 mmSilverProof
Belgium BelgiumSilver 20 euro coins2005–present20 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
Belgium BelgiumSilver 5 euro coins2008–present5 euro30.00 mmSilverProof
Bulgaria BulgariaBulgarian Churches and Monasteries2013–present10 levs38.61 mmSilverProof
Bulgaria BulgariaBulgarian Iconography2006–presentvariable variableGoldProof
Bulgaria BulgariaMedieval Bulgarian Rulers2011–present10 levs38.61 mmBimetal: silver, gold platingProof
Bulgaria BulgariaRenowned Bulgarian Artists2009–present2 levs34.20 mmCopperProof
Bulgaria BulgariaThe Great Bulgarian Voices2007–present10 levs40.00 mmBimetal: silver, gold platingProof
Bulgaria BulgariaTreasures of Bulgaria2005–present10 levs40.00 mmBimetal: silver, gold platingProof
Canada Canada20 dollar pure silver coins2011–present20 dollars27.00 mmSilverBU
Canada CanadaCoat of Arms2008–2014300 dollars50.00 mmSilverProof
Canada CanadaCommemorative Toonies1999–present2 dollars28.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldUNC
Canada CanadaEarly Canadian History2018–present200 dollars29.00 mmGoldProof
Canada CanadaImposing Icons Series2020–present50 dollars50.00 mmSilverProof
Canada CanadaLoonies and commemorative circulation 1 dollar coins1939–present1 dollarvariablevariableUNC
Canada CanadaNocturnal by Nature2017–present20 dollars38.00 mmSilverproof-like
Canada CanadaSpecimen Set Special Edition Coins2002–presentvariable variablevariableBU
Canada CanadaWildlife bullion coins2011–20135 dollars38.00 mmSilverBU
Croatia CroatiaCroatian commemorative 25 kuna coins1997–present25 kuna32.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Cyprus CyprusCypriot commemorative pound coins1976–2007variable variablevariablevariable
Cyprus CyprusGold 20 euro coins2010–present20 euro22.05 mmGoldProof
Cyprus CyprusSilver 5 euro coins2010–present5 euro38.61 mmSilverProof
Czech Republic Czech RepublicBridges in the Czech Republic2011–20155000 korun22.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicCastles in the Czech Republic2016–20205000 korun28.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicCirculation commemorative 20 korun coins2000–present20 korun26.00 mmBrassUNC
Czech Republic Czech RepublicFamous means of transport2021–2025500 korun40.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicGold 10000 korun coins2012–present10000 korun34.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicIndustrial Heritage Sites2006–20102500 korun22.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicMunicipal heritage sites2021–20255000 korun28.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicSilver 200 kronen coins2008–present200 korun31.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicSilver 500 kronen coins2011–present500 korun40.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Czech Republic Czech RepublicTen centuries of architecture2001–20052500 korun20.00 mmGoldProof, BU
Denmark DenmarkPolar coins2007–2009variable variablevariablevariable
Denmark DenmarkShip coins2007–present20 kronervariableNordic gold (CuZnAl)Proof, BU, UNC
Denmark DenmarkThe Scientist Series2013–2013variable variablevariablevariable
Estonia EstoniaCollector 20 euro coins2011–present20 euro27.25 mmBimetal: gold, silverProof
Estonia EstoniaCollector silver euro coins2011–presentvariable variableSilverProof
EuropeEuropean Silver Programme2004–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Eurozone EurozoneCommemorative 2 euro coins2004–present2 euro25.75 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldvariable
Finland FinlandBimetal silver-gold euro coins2003–present50 euro27.25 mmBimetal: gold, silverProof
Finland FinlandBuildings of the Provinces2012–present5 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU
Finland FinlandCollector 20 euro coins2009–present20 euro38.61 mmSilverProof, BU
Finland FinlandCommemorative 5 euro coins2003–20085 euro35.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU
Finland FinlandFinnish historic provinces2010–20115 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU
Finland FinlandGold 100 euro coins2002–present100 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Finland FinlandNational Landscapes of Finland2018–present5 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, UNC
Finland FinlandPresidents of Finland2016–20185 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, UNC
Finland FinlandSilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro38.61 mmSilvervariable
Finland FinlandSports2015–20165 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, UNC
Finland FinlandThe Nordic Nature2012–20155 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, UNC
France France7 Arts2013–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceAviation and History2017–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceComic Strip Heroes2009–presentvariable 22.00 mmGoldProof
France FranceEuropeunknown–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceEuropean Silver Programmeunknown–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceFrench Excellence2015–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
France FranceFrom Clovis to the Republic, 1500 years of French History2011–201510 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceGreat Captains of Industry2008–2010variable 37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceGreat Causes2009–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceGreat French Ships2012–201610 euro37.00 mmvariableProof
France FranceGreat Painters2007–2011variable 30.00 mmGoldProof
France FranceGreat Sport Teams2009–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
France FranceGreat War2014–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceCharacters of Literature2021–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceLegendary Characters from French Literature2011–201510 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceMarianne2017–present20 euro33.00 mmSilverBU
France FranceMasterpieces of French Museums2017–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceRegions of France2010–present10 euro29.00 mmSilverUNC
France FranceRepublic Asterix2015–present10 euro31.00 mmGoldUNC
France FranceSummer and Winter Olympic Games2009–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceThe sower2015–present10 euro22.20 mmSilverProof
France FranceTrains of France2010–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceTreasures of Paris2016–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceUNESCO World Heritage2007–presentvariable 22.00 mmGoldProof
France FranceValues of the French Republic2013–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
France FranceWinter Olympic Games2013–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceWomen of France2016–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
France FranceWomen of the world2022–present10 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
Germany Germany5 euro coins2015–present5 euro27.25 mmCopperUNC
Germany GermanyBirds2016–202120 euro17.50 mmGoldProof
Germany GermanyDeutscher Wald2010–present20 euro17.50 mmGoldProof
Germany GermanyGold 100 euro coins2002–present100 euro28.00 mmGoldProof
Germany GermanyIn the service of society2022–202610 euro28.75 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Germany GermanyMusical instruments2017–present50 euro22.00 mmGoldProof
Germany GermanySilver 10 euro coins2002–201510 euro32.50 mmSilverProof, BU
Germany GermanySilver 20 euro coins2016–present20 euro32.50 mmSilverProof, BU
Germany GermanyThe Return of Wildlife 2022–202720 euro17.50 mmGoldProof
Germany GermanyWonderful World of Insects2022–present5 euro27.25 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU
Greece GreeceGold euro coins2003–presentvariable variableGoldProof
Greece GreeceSilver 10 euro coins2003–present10 eurovariableSilverProof
Greece GreeceSilver 6 euro coins2015–presentvariable 28.50 mmSilverProof
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 100 forint coins2012–present100 forint30.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)Proof, BU
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 1000 forint coins2005–present1000 forint28.43 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)Proof, BU
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 10000 forint coins2014–present10000 forint37.00 mmSilverProof
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 15000 forint coins2021–present15000 forint38.61 mmSilverProof
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 2000 forint coins2014–present2000 forint37.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 50 forint coins2004–200750 forint27.40 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Hungary HungaryCommemorative 7500 forint coins2021–present7500 forint30.00 mmSilverProof
Hungary HungaryGold forint coinsunknown–presentvariable variableGoldProof
Hungary HungaryHungarian Castles2004–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Hungary HungaryHungarian Counties and County Seats2024–present20000 forint42.00 mmSilverProof
Hungary HungaryHungarian folk tales2021–present2000 forint34.00 mmGerman silver (CuNiZn)proof-like
Hungary HungaryHungarian gold florins from the Middle Agesunknown–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Hungary HungaryHungarian herding and hunting dogs2019–present2000 forint34.00 mmBrassproof-like
Hungary HungaryHungarian National Parks2010–present5000 forint39.60 mmSilverProof, BU
Hungary HungaryNational Memorialsunknown–present2000 forint37.00 mmCoppervariable
Hungary HungarySilver forint coinsunknown–present5000 forint38.61 mmSilverProof, BU
Ireland IrelandAnimals of Irish Coinage2010–present15 euro38.61 mmSilverProof
Ireland IrelandGold 20 euro coins2006–present20 euro13.92 mmGoldProof
Ireland IrelandIrish others commmorative coins2003–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Ireland IrelandSilver 10 euro coins2003–present10 euro38.61 mmSilverProof
Isle of Man Isle of ManThe Twelve Days of Christmas2005–present50 pence27.30 mmGoldProof, BU, UNC
Italy ItalyBimetal 5 euro coins2017–present5 euro27.50 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldBU
Italy ItalyComics2023–present5 euro32.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Italy ItalyEndangered Animals2020–present5 euro26.95 mmBronzeProof
Italy ItalyFountains of Italy2022–present10 euro13.85 mmGoldProof
Italy ItalyGold 20 euro coins2003–present20 euro21.00 mmGoldProof
Italy ItalyGold 50 euro coins2003–present50 euro28.00 mmGoldProof
Italy ItalyItaly’s Food and Wine Culture2020–present5 euro26.95 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Italy ItalyRoman Emperors2017–202110 euro13.85 mmGoldProof
Italy ItalySilver 10 euro coins2003–present10 euro34.00 mmSilvervariable
Italy ItalySilver 5 euro coins2003–present5 euro32.00 mmSilvervariable
Japan Japan47 Prefectures Coin Program 1000 yen2008–present1000 yen40.00 mmSilverProof
Japan Japan47 Prefectures Coin Program 500 yen2008–present500 yen26.50 mmBimetal: CuNi, BrassBU, UNC
Japan JapanThe Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project2015–2015variable variablevariablevariable
Kazakhstan KazakhstanCustoms, national games of Kazakhstan2006–present50 tenge31.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
Kazakhstan KazakhstanRed Book of Kazakhstan2006–present50 tenge31.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
Kazakhstan KazakhstanSpace2006–present50 tenge31.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
Kazakhstan KazakhstanTales of the People of Kazakhstan2011–present500 tenge38.61 mmSilverProof
Latvia LatviaCirculation 1 lats coins1992–present1 lats21.75 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
Latvia LatviaLatvian bi-material coins2010–present1 lats35.00 mmSilverProof
Latvia LatviaSilver 5 euro coins2014–present5 euro35.00 mmSilverProof
Latvia LatviaSilver lats coins1993–present1 lats35.00 mmSilverProof
Lithuania Lithuania5 euro coins2015–present5 euro28.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Lithuania LithuaniaCirculation commemorative 1 litas1997–20111 litas22.30 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
Lithuania LithuaniaGold 50 euro coins2015–present50 euro22.30 mmGoldProof
Lithuania LithuaniaGold coins1999–presentvariable variableGoldProof
Lithuania LithuaniaHistorical and Architectural Monuments2002–present50 litas38.61 mmSilverProof
Lithuania LithuaniaLithuanian Castles and Manors2017–present20 litas38.61 mmSilverProof
Lithuania LithuaniaLithuanian culture2010–present10 litas28.70 mmSilverProof
Lithuania LithuaniaLithuanian nature2008–present50 litas38.61 mmSilverProof
Lithuania LithuaniaLithuanian resorts2012–present2 litas25.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, UNC
Lithuania LithuaniaLithuanian scienes2012–present10 euro13.92 mmGoldProof
Lithuania LithuaniaSilver 20 euro coins2015–present20 euro38.61 mmSilverProof
Lithuania LithuaniaSilver 50 litas coinsunknown–present50 litas38.61 mmSilverProof
Luxembourg LuxembourgCastles of Luxembourg2009–present5 euro34.00 mmBimetal: silver, niobiumBU
Luxembourg LuxembourgCultural History of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg2004–present10 euro16.00 mmGoldProof
Luxembourg LuxembourgEuropean institutions2002–present25 euro37.00 mmSilverProof
Luxembourg LuxembourgFauna and Flora in Luxembourg2009–present5 euro34.00 mmBimetal: silver, nordic goldProof
Luxembourg LuxembourgNational institutions2006–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Luxembourg LuxembourgOutstanding Constuction in Luxembourg2016–present2.5 euro36.20 mmBimetal: silver, nordic goldProof
Malta MaltaGold 5 euro coins2014–present5 euro11.00 mmGoldProof
Malta MaltaGold 50 euro coins2008–present50 euro21.00 mmGoldProof
Malta MaltaSilver 10 euro coins2008–present10 euro38.61 mmSilverProof
Monaco MonacoGold euro coins2002–presentvariable variableGoldProof
Monaco MonacoSilver euro coins2003–presentvariable variableSilverProof
Netherlands NetherlandsGold 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro22.50 mmGoldProof
Netherlands NetherlandsSilver 5 euro coins2003–present5 euro33.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Norway NorwayCirculation commemorative coins1999–presentvariable variableNordic gold (CuZnAl)BU, UNC
Norway NorwayGold coins1991–present1500 kroner27.00 mmGoldProof
Norway NorwaySilver coins1991–presentvariable variableSilverProof
Poland PolandAnimals of the World 1995–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Poland PolandCities of Poland2009–present2 zloty27.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Poland PolandCommemorative 2 zloty coins1998–present2 zloty27.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Poland PolandDiscover Poland2014–present5 zloty24.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldUNC
Poland PolandGreat Battles2010–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Poland PolandHistory of Polish Coin2013–present5 zloty24.00 mmSilverProof
Poland PolandHistory of the Polish Cavalry 2006–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Poland PolandPoles Who Saved the Jews2009–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Poland PolandPolish Painters of the Turn of 19th and 20th Centuries 2002–present2 zloty27.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Poland PolandPolish Ships2012–present2 zloty27.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Poland PolandPolish Voyagers and Explorers 1997–present2 zloty27.00 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)UNC
Poland PolandThe Enduring Soldiers Accursed by the Communists2017–present10 zloty32.00 mmSilverProof
Poland PolandThe Great Polish Economists2017–present10 zloty32.00 mmSilverProof
Poland PolandThe Polish Thermopylae2017–present20 zloty38.61 mmSilverProof
Poland PolandTreasures of King Stanislaw August2013–presentvariable variablevariableBU
Portugal PortugalCommemorative 1.5 euro coins2008–present1.5 eurovariableSilverProof, BU, UNC
Portugal PortugalCommemorative 2.5 euro coins2008–present2.5 euro28.00 mmSilverProof, BU, UNC
Portugal PortugalCommemorative 5 euro coins2003–present5 euro30.00 mmvariableProof, BU, UNC
Portugal PortugalCommemorative 8 euro coins2003–20078 euro36.00 mmvariableProof, BU, UNC
Portugal PortugalEndangered Fauna Species2016–present5 euro30.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalEuropean Silver Programme2004–present2.5 euro28.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalPortugal Numismatic Treasure2009–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Portugal PortugalPortugal Universal 2006–present0.25 euro14.00 mmGoldBU
Portugal PortugalPortuguese Architecture2017–present7.5 euro33.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalPortuguese Ethnographic Treasures2013–present2.5 euro28.00 mmSilverProof
Portugal PortugalQueens of Europe2014–present5 euro30.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalSilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro40.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalSport Idols2016–present7.5 euro33.00 mmSilverProof, UNC
Portugal PortugalUNESCO World Heritage Sites2004–present2.5 euro28.00 mmvariableProof, UNC
Romania RomaniaCommemorative 50 bani coins 2010–present50 bani23.75 mmBronzeProof, BU, UNC
Russia RussiaAncient Towns of Russia2002–present10 rubles27.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, BrassUNC
Russia RussiaBattles and Significant Events of the Patriotic War of 18122012–present5 rubles25.00 mmNickelUNC
Russia RussiaMan of Labour2020–present10 rubles22.00 mmBrassUNC
Russia RussiaRussian Federation2005–present10 rubles27.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, BrassUNC
Russia RussiaThe History of Russian Navy2010–present500 rubles50.00 mmGoldProof
Russia RussiaThe History of the Russian Aviation2010–present1 ruble25.00 mmSilverProof
Russia RussiaThe XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in the City of Sochi2011–2014variable variablevariablevariable
San Marino San MarinoGold 2 scudi coins1989–present2 scudi21.00 mmGoldProof
San Marino San MarinoGold euro coins2002–presentvariable variableGoldProof
San Marino San MarinoProof silver 5 euro coins2002–present5 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
San Marino San MarinoSilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
San Marino San MarinoSilver 5 euro coins2003–present5 euro32.00 mmSilverBU
San Marino San MarinoZodiac2018–present5 euro26.95 mmBronzeUNC
Serbia SerbiaCommemorative 20 dinar coins2006–present20 dinars28.00 mmGerman silver (CuNiZn)UNC
Slovakia SlovakiaFauna and flora in Slovakia2021–present5 euro34.00 mmBrassUNC
Slovakia SlovakiaGold 100 euro coins2010–present100 euro26.00 mmGoldProof
Slovakia SlovakiaGold 5000 crown coins1994–20085000 crowns24.00 mmGoldProof
Slovakia SlovakiaSilver 10 euro coins2009–present10 euro34.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Slovakia SlovakiaSilver 20 euro coins2009–present20 euro40.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Slovakia SlovakiaSilver 200 crown coins1993–2008200 crowns34.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Slovakia SlovakiaSilver 500 crown coins1995–2008500 crowns40.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Slovenia SloveniaBimetal 3 euro coins2008–present3 euro32.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldUNC
Slovenia SloveniaGold 100 euro coins2008–present100 euro24.00 mmGoldProof
Slovenia SloveniaSilver 30 euro coins2008–present30 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
South Korea South KoreaKorean National Parks2017–202430000 won32.00 mmSilverProof
South Korea South KoreaSilver won coinsunknown–presentvariable 33.00 mmSilverProof
South Korea South KoreaUNESCO World Heritage2010–presentvariable 33.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainEuropean Silver Programme2004–present10 euro40.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainGold 100 euro coins2003–present100 euro23.00 mmGoldProof
Spain SpainGold 20 euro coins2007–present20 euro13.92 mmGoldProof
Spain SpainGold 200 euro coins2002–present200 euro30.00 mmGoldProof
Spain SpainGold 400 euro coins2002–present400 euro38.00 mmGoldProof
Spain SpainHistory of Navigation2018–present1.5 euro33.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Spain SpainIbero-American Series2002–presentvariable variableSilverProof
Spain SpainNumismatic Treasures2008–presentvariable variablevariableProof
Spain SpainProvincial Capitals2010–present5 euro33.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainRoyal Sites2013–present5 euro33.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainSilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro40.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainSilver 12, 20, 30 euro coins2002–presentvariable 33.00 mmSilverBU, UNC
Spain SpainSilver 50 euro coins2002–present50 euro73.00 mmSilverProof
Spain SpainSpanish Museum Treasures2013–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Spain SpainSpanish Painters2008–presentvariable variablevariablevariable
Spain SpainUNESCO World Heritage Cities2014–20155 euro33.00 mmSilverProof
Sweden SwedenGold coins2001–presentvariable 26.00 mmGoldProof
Sweden SwedenSilver coins2001–presentvariable 36.00 mmSilverProof
Switzerland SwitzerlandBimetal 10 franc coins2004–present10 francs33.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU
Switzerland SwitzerlandGold franc coins2001–present50 francs25.00 mmvariablevariable
Switzerland SwitzerlandMountain Railway2008–present20 francs33.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Switzerland SwitzerlandSilver 20 franc coins1991–present20 francs33.00 mmSilverProof, BU
Turkey TurkeySilver 50 Lira coinsunknown–present50 Lira38.61 mmSilverProof
Ukraine UkraineCosmic Ukraine Series2017–present5 hryven 35.00 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
Ukraine UkraineFauna and flora1999–present10 hryven 38.61 mmSilverProof
United Kingdom United KingdomBeatrix Potter2016–present50 pence27.30 mmvariableProof, BU, UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomBritish Antarctic Territory2008–present2 pounds38.60 mmSilverProof, UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomCommemorative 2 pound coins1999–present2 pounds28.40 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldProof, BU, UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomCommemorative 5 pound coins1990–present5 pounds38.61 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)BU
United Kingdom United KingdomCommemorative 50 pence1973–present50 pence27.30 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomLondon 2012 50p Sports Collection2010–201150 pence27.30 mmSilverBU, UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomLondon 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games2009–2012variable variablevariablevariable
United Kingdom United KingdomQuintessentially British A-Z Ten Pences2018–201810 pences24.50 mmSilverProof, UNC
United Kingdom United KingdomThe Queen's Beasts2016–20192 pounds38.61 mmSilvervariable
USA USAAmerica the Beautiful Quarters2010–202125 cents24.26 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)Proof, BU, UNC
USA USAAmerican Eagle Platinum $100 Dollars Proof Coins1999–present100 dollarsvariablePlatinumvariable
USA USAAmerican Innovation 1 Dollar Coins2018–20321 dollar26.50 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)Proof, BU, UNC
USA USAAmerican Women Quarters2022–202625 cents24.26 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)Proof, BU, UNC
USA USACommemorative cent coinsunknown–presentvariable variablevariableProof, UNC
USA USACommemorative gold dollar coins1986–present5 dollars21.59 mmGoldProof, BU
USA USACommemorative silver 1 dollar coins1983–present1 dollar38.10 mmSilverProof, BU
USA USAFirst Amendment to the U.S. Constitution2021–2025100 dollars32.70 mmPlatinumProof
USA USAFirst Spouse Gold Coins2007–201610 dollars26.50 mmGoldProof, BU
USA USAHalf dollars 1982–present0.5 dollar30.60 mmCopper–Nickel (CuNi)Proof, BU
USA USANative American Dollar Coin Program2000–20161 dollar26.50 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)Proof, UNC
USA USAPreamble to the Declaration of Independence2018–2020100 dollars32.70 mmPlatinumProof
USA USAThe Presidential 1 Dollar Coins2007–20161 dollar26.50 mmNordic gold (CuZnAl)Proof, BU, UNC
Vatican City Vatican CityArt and Faith2020–present10 euro32.00 mmCopperProof, BU
Vatican City Vatican CityBimetal 5 euro coins2018–present5 euro28.00 mmBimetal: CuNi, nordic goldBU
Vatican City Vatican CityGold 10 euro coins2013–present10 euro13.85 mmGoldProof
Vatican City Vatican CityGold 100 euro coins2008–present100 euro35.00 mmGoldProof
Vatican City Vatican CityGold 20 euro coins2002–present20 euro21.00 mmGoldProof
Vatican City Vatican CityGold 200 euro coins2012–present200 euro38.50 mmGoldProof
Vatican City Vatican CityGold 50 euro coins2002–present50 euro28.00 mmGoldProof
Vatican City Vatican CitySilver 10 euro coins2002–present10 euro34.00 mmSilverProof
Vatican City Vatican CitySilver 20 euro coins2012–presentvariable 36.00 mmSilverProof
Vatican City Vatican CitySilver 5 euro coins2002–present5 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
Vatican City Vatican CityThe Twelve Apostles2022–present5 euro32.00 mmSilverProof
WorldIbero-American Series1991–presentvariable 40.00 mmSilverProof
WorldThe XXIII Winter Olympics Games - PyeongChang2016–2018variable variablevariablevariable
WorldTokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 20202016–2020variable variablevariablevariable