2014Old Stenders5 euro?10,000
2014Baltic Way5 euro?10,000
2014The White Book5 euro?5,000
2014Coin of the Seasons5 euro?10,000
2014150th anniversary of Ainaži Nautical School5 euro25.02.20145,000
2014Baroque of Courland5 euro08.12.201410,000
2015500 Years of the Riga Castle5 euro?7,000
2015500 years of Livonian ferding5 euro?7,000
2015Rainis and Aspazija5 euro?7,000
2015Valse Mélancolique5 euro?5,000
2015Fairy tale coin I. Five cats5 euro?10,000
2015150 Years of Firefighting in Latvia5 euro08.05.201510,000
2016Fairy Tale Coin II. Hedgehog's Coat5 euro?10,000
2016Baltars5 euro08.08.20165,000
2016National Entrepreneur5 euro12.09.20163,000
2016Janis Rozentals5 euro22.11.20167,000
2016Christmas battles5 euro05.12.20165,000
2016The Earth5 euro21.12.20165,000
2017Latgale Congress5 euro?3,000
2017Smith forges in the sky5 euro?4,000
2017Fairy Tale Coin III. The Old Man's Mitten5 euro28.03.201710,000
2017The First Session of LPNC5 euro04.12.20173,000
2018My Latvia5 euro09.03.20184,000
2018The Garden of Destiny5 euro20.06.20183,000
2018Curonian kings5 euro15.08.20182,500
2018Coats of Arms5 euro23.10.20183,000
2019Cat's Mill5 euro11.04.20192,500
2019Niklāvs Strunke5 euro11.07.20194,000
2019Gifts of the Forest5 euro17.10.20194,000
2019Freedom Fights (1918-1920)5 euro07.11.20194,000
2020Modernism in Latvia - The 1960s5 euro02.10.20203,000