Metal: Silver (proof), CuNi (UNC)
2008XXIX. Summer Olympics in Beijing2.5 euro15.03.200812,000300,000
2008Fado2.5 euro03.05.200820,000150,000
2008Historic Centre of Porto2.5 euro15.10.20085,000150,000
2008Wine region Alto Douro2.5 euro15.11.20085,000150,000
2009Portuguese Literature2.5 euro01.04.200915,000150,000
2009Hieronymites Monastery2.5 euroOct 20095,000100,000
2009Tower of Belém2.5 euroOct 20095,000100,000
2010Terreiro do Paço2.5 euro10.06.200915,000120,000
2010FIFA World Cup South Africa2.5 euroApr 201012,50075,000
2010Bicentennary of the Torres Lines2.5 euroSep 20105,00075,000
2010Côa Valley Archeological Site2.5 euroDec 20105,000120,000
2011European Explorers: Hermenegildo Capelo and Roberto Ivens2.5 euro20.04.20119,000100,000
2011Centenary of the Pupils of the Army2.5 euro24.05.20113,000100,000
2011Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture2.5 euroOct 20113,000100,000
2012100th Anniversary of the University of Lisbon2.5 euro28.02.20125,000100,000
2012Portuguese painter José Malhoa2.5 euroApr 201210,000100,000
2012XXX. Summer Olympics in London2.5 euro01.05.20125,000300,000
2012The 75 years of the school ship Sagres2.5 euroOct 2012
2012Historic Centre of Guimarães2.5 euroNov 20123,000100,000
2013José Saramago2.5 euroApr 20137,500
2013150th Anniversary Of Red Cross2.5 euro01.05.20132,500100,000
2013Viana Do Castelo’S Gold Earring - Arrecadas2.5 euro01.07.20132,500100,000
2013100th Anniversary Of João Villaret2.5 euro01.10.20132,500100,000
2013100th Anniversaro of the First Portuguese Submarine – ESPADARTE2.5 euro01.11.20132,500100,000
2013UNESCO World Heritage – Garrison Border Town Of Elvas And Its Fortifications2.5 euro01.11.20132,500100,000
201435 Year Service Of National Health2.5 euro?2,500
2014FIFA 2014 2.5 euro01.01.201415,000100,000
2014Marcos Portugal2.5 euro01.03.2014
2014Jugos (Cangas) 2.5 euro01.05.2014100,000
2014100 Years Military Aviation2.5 euro26.06.20142,50075,000
2014100 Years Portuguese Commemorative Coins2.5 euro05.10.20142,500
2015The Bedspreads of Castelo Branco2.5 euro?2,500100,000
2015O Fado2.5 euro?2,5007,500
2015Olympic Games - Rio 20162.5 euro?2,500150,000
201540 Years of the Ombudsman2.5 euro?2,50075,000
201570 Years of Peace in Europe2.5 euro01.03.20152,500100,000
2016Money Museum 2.5 euro?2,500100,000
2016Barcelos Ceramic2.5 euro?3,00075,000
2016Pollyphonic Singing from Alentejo2.5 euro?2,50075,000
2017Masks from Trás-os-Montes2.5 euro?2,50060,000
2017100 Years of Fatima2.5 euro?5,000150,000
2018FIFA World Cup Russia 20182.5 euro?15,000100,000
2018Granary Houses From Northwest Of Portugal2.5 euro?2,50060,000
2020UEFA Euro 20202.5 euro01.11.20205,00020,000