2.5 euro - Bicentennary of the Torres Lines

Series: Portugal - Commemorative 2.5 euro coins

Image of 2.5 euro coin - Bicentennary of the Torres Lines | Portugal 2010.  The Silver coin is of Proof, BU, UNC quality.
The collector’s coin "Bicentennary of the Torres Lines" celebrates the set of fortifications and other defenses that were ordered to be erected during the French invasions for the defense of the city of Lisbon. The order for the construction of this defensive line was given by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington. To the North of the River Tagus, a barrier was constructed with three defensive lines, taking advantage of the natural formations of the terrain, on which fortifications were constructed and artillery guns were implanted. On the reverse of the coin, the designer represents the figure of an officer with a uniform of the era of the Napoleonic invasions and a piece of artillery, which are superimposed on a diagram of the Torres Lines. Between the two lines, the location of Peronegro is marked, the post of command of the General Duke of Wellington, winner of the battle of the Torres Lines. On the obverse there is the Portuguese coat of arms, the face value and "nests" of bombards. The coin in silver, with proof finishing, has a face value of 2.50 Euro and was designed by the sculptor José João de Brito. The issue limit is 5,000 copies