2.5 euro - Historic Centre of Porto

Series: Portugal - UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Image of 2.5 euro coin - Historic Centre of Porto | Portugal 2008
The Historical Centre of Oporto is the city’s oldest part, the urban mesh marked by its medieval origins, declared Cultural World Heritage in 1996. By minting the collector coin devoted to the historical centre of Oporto, a design of sculptor Carlos Marques, IINCM proceeds with the series on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal. On the obverse, the coin presents the city’s skyline, the denomination, the coat of arms, the date and the inscription “República Portuguesa”. The reverse puts on view an image and profile of Oporto as seen from the Gaia quays on the left bank of river Douro, the legend «Centro Histórico do Porto» referring to the city’s historic centre and the Unesco World Heritage logo.