2003150 years Portuguese stamps5 euro?20,00020,000300,000
2004Monastery of Christ in Tomar5 euro?10,000300,000
2004Historic Centre of Evora5 euro?10,000300,000
2005Historic Centre of Angra do Heroismo5 euro?15,000300,000
2005Batalha Monastery5 euro?15,000300,000
2005800. birthday of Pope John XXI.5 euro?15,000300,000
2006Alcobaca Monastery5 euro?6,00082,000
2006Cultural Landscape of Sintra5 euro?6,00082,000
2007100 years boy scouts5 euro?10,00070,000
2007Laurisilva forests of Madeira 5 euro?6,00075,000
2007European Year of Equal Opportunities for All5 euro?7,50070,000
2014Leonor de Almeida Portugal5 euro01.09.20142,50075,000
2015D. Isabel de Portugal5 euro?2,50075,000
2016The Modernism5 euro?7,500100,000
2016Iberic Lynx5 euro?2,50075,000
2016D. Catarina of Bragança5 euro?2,50075,000
2017The Age of Iron and Glass5 euro?7,50060,000
2017The Age of Iron and Glass5 euro?7,50060,000
2017The Youth and the Future5 euro?2,50060,000
2017D. Maria Bárbara5 euro?2,50060,000
2018The Baroque Age5 euro?7,50060,000
2018The Four Leaf Clover5 euro?2,50060,000
2018The Imperial Eagle5 euro?2,50060,000
2018100 Years Of The Armistice5 euro?2,50060,000
2019The Renaissance5 euro01.02.20195,00040,000
2019The Sea Drawn by a Child5 euro01.03.20192,50040,000
2019500th Anniversary Of Magellan Circun-Navigation - The Departure 15197.5 euro01.04.20192,50050,000
201945th Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution5 euro01.04.20192,50040,000
2019Endangered Flora Species — Tuberaria Major5 euro01.05.20192,50040,000
2019Endangered Fauna Species — The Iberian Wolf5 euro01.05.20192,50040,000
2020500 Years of Portuguese Post Office5 euro?2,00040,000
2020UNESCO World Portuguese Language Day5 euro01.07.20202,00020,000
2020The Dolphin5 euro26.07.20202,00020,000
2020The Gothic5 euro01.12.20202,50020,000
2021Dinheirosaurus Lourinhanensis5 euro?2,50025,000
2021The Seahorse5 euro01.06.20212,00025,000
2021Aristides de Sousa Mendes5 euro01.07.20212,50025,000
2021A Arte da Laca5 euro01.10.20212,50025,000
2022Lourinhanosaurus antunesi5 euro?3,00030,000
202220 years of the Euro5 euro?3,00030,000
2022The Art of Porcelain — Portugal and the East 5 euro?3,00030,000
2022The Climate5 euro03.03.202218,00030,000
2022Hoop and Stick — Children´s Games5 euro18.12.20224,000