2003XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Palace of Knossos - Crete100 euro?26,582
2003XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Crypt - the entrance to the stadium of Olympia100 euro?18,432
2003XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Panathenaikon Stadium in Athens100 euro?17,924
2003XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Zappeino / Olympic Village100 euro?16,440
200375th anniversary of Bank of Greece200 euro?1,000
2004XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Acropolis100 euro?18,242
2004XXVIII. Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens - Academy100 euro?16,380
2004Torch Relay - Start Ceremony 100 euro?10,000
2004Torch Relay - Return Ceremony 100 euro?10,000
2011XIII Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011100 euro?1,000
2012Archeological Site of Pella (Macedonia)50 euro20.07.20124,000
2012100th anniversary of the Liberation of the City of Thessaloniki100 euro20.07.20121,500
2012Centennial of the Balkan Wars100 euro20.07.20121,500
2013Hippocrates of Cos200 euro11.07.20131,200
2013The Mycenaean Archaeological Site of Tiryns50 euro11.07.20131,000
2014Greek Culture: Cycladic Civilisation50 euro?1,000
2014Aristoteles 200 euro05.05.2014600
2014Zeus100 euro17.09.20141,000
2015Greek Culture–Philosophers: Archimides200 euro23.04.2015750
2015UNESCO World Heritage – Delphi50 euro31.08.20151,000
2015Greek mythology: Hera100 euro22.09.20151,000
2016Greek Culture: Olympia50 euro16.04.20161,500
2016Greek Culture–Philosophers: Demokritos200 euro31.05.20161,000
2016Greek mythology: Poseidon200 euro07.07.20161,200
2017Greek Culture: Diogenes200 euro03.04.20171,000
2017The Olympian Gods – Athena100 euro19.06.20171,200
2017Minoan civilization50 euro18.09.20171,500
2018Greek Culture: Herodotus 200 euro?1,000
2018The Olympian Gods – Apollo100 euro?1,200
2018Cultural Heritage: The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion50 euro?1,500
2019The Olympian Gods – Demeter100 euro?1,200
2019Cultural Heritage: The Heraion Of Samos50 euro?1,500
2019Greek Culture - Historians - Thucydides200 euro01.06.2018750
2020The Persian Wars200 euro?750
2020The Olympian Gods – Hermes100 euro?1,200
2020Cultural Heritage: The Ancient City of Messene50 euro?1,500
2021The Olympian Gods – Aphrodite100 euro?1,200