The series is NOT complete in the database.

1995Civil War Battlefield 5 dollars?300,000
1996Smithsonian 150th Anniversary 5 dollars?100,000
1997Franklin Delano Roosevelt 5 dollars?100,000
1997Jackie Robinson 5 dollars?100,000
1999George Washington 5 dollars?100,000
2000Library of Congress 10 dollars?200,000
2001U.S. Capitol Visitor Center 5 dollars?100,000
2002Olympic Winter Games 5 dollars?80,000
2003First Flight Centennial10 dollars?100,000
2006San Francisco Old Mint5 dollars?100,000
2007Jamestown 400th Anniversary5 dollars?100,000
2008Bald Eagle5 dollars?100,000
2011Medal of Honor5 dollars?100,000
2011United States Army 5 dollars?100,000
2012The Star-Spangled Banner 5 dollars05.03.2012100,000
20135-Star Generals5 dollars21.03.2013100,000
2014National Baseball Hall of Fame5 dollars?
20152015 U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary5 dollars?
2016Mark Twain 5 dollars?
2016National Park Service 100th Anniversary 5 dollars?
2017Boys Town Centennial5 dollars09.03.2017
2017American Liberty 225th Anniversary100 dollars06.04.2017
2018Breast Cancer Awareness 20185 dollars15.03.201850,000
2019American Legion 100th Anniversary5 dollars?50,000
2019Apollo 11 50th Anniversary5 dollars?50,000
2020Basketball Hall of Fame5 dollars?
2021National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum5 dollars?
2022Purple Heart Hall of Honor5 dollars06.01.2022
2022Negro Leagues Baseball5 dollars06.01.2022
2024Harriet Tubman Bicentennial5 dollars?
2024Liberty and Britannia100 dollars?