The series is NOT complete in the database.

1995Civil War Battlefield 5 dollars?300,000
1996Smithsonian 150th Anniversary 5 dollars?100,000
1997Franklin Delano Roosevelt 5 dollars?100,000
1997Jackie Robinson 5 dollars?100,000
1999George Washington 5 dollars?100,000
2000Library of Congress 10 dollars?200,000
2001U.S. Capitol Visitor Center 5 dollars?100,000
2002Olympic Winter Games 5 dollars?80,000
2003First Flight Centennial10 dollars?100,000
2006San Francisco Old Mint5 dollars?100,000
2007Jamestown 400th Anniversary5 dollars?100,000
2008Bald Eagle5 dollars?100,000
2011Medal of Honor5 dollars?100,000
2011United States Army 5 dollars?100,000
2012The Star-Spangled Banner 5 dollars05.03.2012100,000
20135-Star Generals5 dollars21.03.2013100,000
2014National Baseball Hall of Fame5 dollars?
20152015 U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary5 dollars?
2016Mark Twain 5 dollars?
2016National Park Service 100th Anniversary 5 dollars?
2017Boys Town Centennial5 dollars09.03.2017
2017American Liberty 225th Anniversary100 dollars06.04.2017
2018Breast Cancer Awareness 20185 dollars15.03.201850,000
2019American Legion 100th Anniversary5 dollars?50,000
2019Apollo 11 50th Anniversary5 dollars?50,000
2020Basketball Hall of Fame5 dollars?