2001Heidi 50 francs?5,000
2002Expo.02 50 francs?5,000
2003The Alpine World Ski Championships50 francs?4,000
2004FIFA Centennial50 francs?7,000
2004Matterhorn50 francs?10,000
2005100th anniversary of the Geneva Motor Show Gold50 francs?6,000
2006500 years of the Pontifical Swiss Guard50 francs?6,000
2007100 years of the Swiss National Bank50 francs?6,000
2008International Year of Planet Earth50 francs?6,000
2009100th anniversary of Pro Patria50 francs?6,000
2010Centenary of Albert Anker's death50 francs?6,000
2011A bell for Ursli50 francs?6,000
2012100 years of Pro Juventute50 francs05.06.20126,000
2013Gotthard Mail Coach50 francs?6,000
2014100 years of the Swiss National Park50 francs20.05.20146,000
20152000 years of Aventicum50 francs?5,000
2016Gottardo50 francs05.02.20164,500
2017Barry50 francs14.09.20174,500
2018Wilhelm Tell50 francs29.03.20184,500
2019100th anniversary of the Crocodile locomotive50 francs01.04.2019
2020Roger Federer50 francs03.09.202010,000
202150 years of Swiss women’s right to vote50 francs01.02.2021