50 francs - 100 years of Pro Juventute

Series: Switzerland - Gold franc coins

Image of 50 francs coin - 100 years of Pro Juventute | Switzerland 2012
On 5th June 2012, the Federal Mint Swissmint is issuing a commemorative coin in gold to mark the 100th anniversary of the children’s and young persons’ organisation Pro Juventute. The “100 years of Pro Juventute” gold coin was designed by illustrator Brigitta García López and has a face value of 50 Swiss francs. The commemorative coin is available in “proof coin” quality in a presentation case at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and banks. The Pro Juventute foundation campaigns in Switzerland for the needs and rights of children and young people with their parents. It helps in emergencies, offers social services in the areas of education, health and leisure activities, and fosters the personal development of children and young people. Among the means used by the Pro Juventute foundation to finance its activities are donations and the sale of postage stamps. It was originally established in 1912 with the aim of combating tuberculosis in children and young people.
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