50 francs - Swiss linguistic diversity

Series: Switzerland - Gold franc coins

Image of 50 francs coin - Swiss linguistic diversity | Switzerland 2023
The special coin "Swiss linguistic diversity" is made of gold 900 and weighs 5,64g. The obverse depicts the four language regions. From left to right, French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland, Italian-speaking Switzerland and then Romansh-speaking Switzerland. These four language regions are skilfully combined to form one overall view: 4 languages, 4 regions, one Switzerland. The coin's name "Varietad Linguistica" comes from the Romansh (Rumantsch Grischun, "standard" Romansh) and is a tribute to paragraph 5 of Article 70 of the Federal Constitution: "The Confederation shall support measures by the Cantons of Graubünden and Ticino to preserve and promote the Romansh and the Italian languages”. The reverse has four speech bubbles, one for each language region. They form a Swiss cross, a symbol of unity in the Swiss Confederation. The four speech bubbles contain citations of Article 70 of the Federal Constitution. In German, it is paragraph 3, which lays the foundation for the promotion of plurilingualism; in French, paragraph 4, which guarantees federal support to plurilingual cantons; and in Italian and Romansh, paragraph 5, which guarantees federal support to the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino for the preservation and promotion of the Romansh and Italian languages. The reverse shows, clockwise, the words CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA, the year of issue 2023 and the denomination 25 FR.