2002150. birthday of Antoni Gaudi - Casa Batllo 400 euro?3,000
2004Centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí400 euro?5,000
2005400th anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote400 euro?3,000
2006500th anniversary of the death of Christopher Columbus 400 euro?3,000
20075th Anniversary of the Euro400 euro?3,000
2008Bicentenary War of Independence400 euro?3,500
20092nd Series Spanish Painters - Dalí400 euro?3,000
20103rd Series Spanish Painters - Goya400 euro?3,000
20114th Series Spanish Painters - El Greco400 euro?3,000
20125th Series Spanish Painters - Joan Miró400 euro17.10.20123,000
2013Durer400 euro?3,000
2014El Greco400 euro?2,000
2015Spanish Museum Treasures III: Goya400 euro?2,000
2016Spanish Museum Treasures IV: Bosch - The Haywain400 euro?1,500
2017Spanish Museum Treasures V: 25th anniversary of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum400 euro?2,000
2018150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos400 euro01.08.20181,000
201850th Anniversary of H.M. Felipe VI400 euro03.12.20181,500
2021275th Anniversary Francisco de Goya400 euro?1,000