400 euro - 150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos

Series: Spain - Gold 400 euro coins

Image of 400 euro coin - 150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos | Spain 2018.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
In 1868, 150 years ago, one of the most important monetary laws in Spain was enacted, at which time the Peseta was introduced as the single monetary unit, causing the disappearance of the Escudo coins as an official means of payment. Commemorating this anniversary, the Royal Mint of Spain has issued four gold coins with different metrics in 2018: one, two, four and eight Escudo coin. The collection consists of four gold coins minted in proof quality, which represent faithful reproductions of the coins of the period, including their technical specifications, with the exception of minor modifications, such as the year of minting, the face value of the coin and the mint mark. A reproduction of a gold 8 ESCUDO coin, struck at the Madrid Mint in 1719, during the reign of Felipe V. The obverse of the original coin shows us the Royal Coat of Arms of Felipe V, with the quarters of Castile, León, Granada, Aragon, Sicily, Austria, Burgundy (old and new), Brabant, Flanders and Tyrol, with the escutcheon of the House of Bourbon in the centre. The coat of arms is surrounded by the Golden Fleece, with the Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit on its chain. In a circular direction, the legend PHILIPPUS.V.DEI.GRA (Gratia). On the reverse, the Jerusalem cross-cantonée, four leaves, set within an orle of flowery semicircles, surrounded by the legend HISPANIARUMN.REX.