2014200th Anniversary of Birth of BÉNI EGRESSY (1814-1851) 10000 forint?5,000
201490th Anniversary of the Foundation of the National Bank of Hungary 10000 forint?5,000
2014200th Anniversary of  Birth of MIKLÓS YBL (1814-1891) 10000 forint03.04.20145,000
2015150th Anniversary of Birth of István Csók (1865-1961) 10000 forint27.02.20155,000
2015500th Anniversary of Birth of Sebestyén (Lantos) Tinódi (c1515-1556) 10000 forint30.03.20155,000
20165th Anniversary of the Fundamental Law of Hungary10000 forint25.04.20165,000
2016XXXI. Summer Olympic Games10000 forint27.04.20165,000
2016Saint Martin10000 forint09.07.20165,000
201670th Anniversary of the Forint10000 forint01.08.20165,000
2016150th Anniversary of the Zoo10000 forint09.08.20163,000
2017200th Anniversary of Birth of Zsuzsanna Kossuth10000 forint17.02.20175,000
2017200th Anniversary of Birth of János Aran10000 forint03.03.20175,000
2017650th Anniversary of Foundation of the University of Pécs10000 forint29.09.20175,000
2017500th Anniversary of Reformation10000 forint30.10.20175,000
2018200th Anniversary of the Birth of Artúr Görgei10000 forint30.01.20185,000
2018Year of the Families10000 forint25.05.20185,000
2018200th Anniversary of the Birth of Ignác Semmelweis (1818-1865)10000 forint30.06.20185,000
2018100th Anniversary of the End of World War I10000 forint11.11.20183,000
2018450th Anniversary of the Unitarian Church10000 forint12.11.20185,000
2019175th anniversary of the birth of Gyula Benczúr10000 forint28.01.20195,000
2019175th anniversary of the birth of Gyula Benczúr2000 forint28.01.20195,000
2019175th anniversary of Mihály Munkácsy’s birth10000 forint20.02.20195,000
2019The 100th anniversary of the death of Loránd Eötvös10000 forint08.04.20195,000
2019The 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Geological Institute10000 forint26.04.20195,000
2019250th Anniversary of the Foundation of Semmelweis University10000 forint06.09.20195,000
2020150 years of organised fire departments in Hungary10000 forint30.04.20205,000
2020100th Anniversary of the Birth of János Harsányi10000 forint29.05.20205,000
202030th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Budapest Stock Exchange10000 forint19.06.20204,000
2020Double Anniversary of Pál Szinyei Merse10000 forint03.07.20205,000
2020150th anniversary of the Hungarian Meteorological Service’s foundation10000 forint02.09.20205,000
202030 years of the Constitutional Court of Hungary10000 forint19.10.20204,000
2020State Audit Office of Hungary10000 forint21.10.20204,000
2020125 years of Hungarian Olympic Committee10000 forint02.12.20205,000
2021UEFA EURO 202010000 forint17.05.20215,000
202152nd International Eucharistic Congress10000 forint01.09.20215,000
2021235th anniversary of the birth of Maurice Benyovszky10000 forint22.09.202110,000
2021100 years of the foundation of the University of Szeged10000 forint12.11.20211,000
202110th anniversary of the Fundamental Law entering into force10000 forint16.11.20211,000
2021János Pilinszky10000 forint16.11.20214,000