10,000 forint - 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of Semmelweis University

Series: Hungary - Commemorative 10000 forint coins

Image of 10000 forint coin - 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of Semmelweis University | Hungary 2019.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
On 6 September 2019, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a silver collector coin with a face value of HUF 10,000 and a non-ferrous metal coin with a face value of HUF 2,000. The collectors coins commemorate the 250th anniversary of the start of organised medical training in Hungary. Under the order of Queen Maria Theresa issued on 7 November 1769, the University of Nagyszombat was expanded with a medical faculty, marking the start of organised, permanent medical training in Hungary. In a couple of years, the University was resettled first to Buda and then to Pest. In 1951, the medical faculty was transformed into an independent medical university and in 1969 it adopted the name of Ignác Semmelweis, one of the world’s most famous physicians. Today Semmelweis University, country’s single specialised university, is the leading higher education institution for medical sciences in Hungary and the Central European region. The University is also Hungary’s largest health institution and the home of outstanding scientific results and innovative development projects. The Semmelweis University collector coins are national legal tender, but they do not serve circulation purposes; their main aim is to direct attention to an important anniversary in the history of science in Hungary and to recognise the high level educational, research and curative activities carried out at the University. The silver and non-ferrous metal coins have the same design, the only difference being their denominations. The obverse of the collector coins features the finial of the university sceptre included in the symbols of Semmelweis University’s dignity, which is surrounded on the edge of the coin by the original chain of office of the dean. Today the faculty sceptre has become the symbol of the University as a whole, which, together with the chains of office, takes on an important role at the University’s major ceremonies. The compulsory design elements: the value numerals 10000 FORINT and 2000 FORINT, the lettering ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, the mint year 2019 and the mint mark ‘BP’ containing a special safety feature are on the obverse of the coins. The central motif on the reverse of the collector coins is the coat of arms of Semmelweis University, which is a heraldic symbol of the coherence of the faculties. The coat of arms is surrounded by the upper semi-circular inscription ‘250 ÉVES A SEMMELWEIS EGYETEM’ and the lower semi-circular inscription ‘SERVAMUS VITAM ATQUE SERVIMUS’ (To Protect and Serve life), the University’s Latin motto. The semi-circular inscriptions are separated on the left by the internal ornamental motif of the Rector’s Office Building, which is also included in the University’s corporate identity handbook, and the master mark of sculptor Virág Szabó, the designer of the collector coins.