19931st anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of theCzech Republic200 korun15.12.19935,00030,000
1994650th anniversary of the foundation of the Prague Archbisopric and laying of the cornestone of St.Vitus Cathedral200 korun20.04.19942,50027,500
199450th anniversary of the Allied Landings in Normandy200 korun01.06.199412,50032,500
1994125th anniversary of the horse-drawn tram in Brno200 korun03.08.19942,00025,000
1994Protection of the environment200 korun30.11.19942,00025,000
199550th anniversary of the victory over fascism200 korun26.04.19952,00025,000
1995200th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Josef  Šafařík200 korun26.04.19952,00025,000
199550th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations200 korun11.10.19952,50024,500
1995100th anniversary of the foundation of theCzech Philharmonia200 korun13.12.19952,50024,500
1996100th anniversary of the birth of Karel Svolinský200 korun10.01.19962,00024,500
1996200th anniversary of the birth of Jean-Baptiste Gaspard Deburau200 korun12.06.19962,00024,500
1996200th anniversary of Czech Christmas Mass by composer  Jakub Jan Ryba200 korun27.11.19962,50025,000
1997100th anniversary of production of  The Präsident, the first passenger car in Central Europe200 korun05.03.19973,00022,500
19971000th anniversary of the death ofSt. Adalbert200 korun16.04.19973,00022,500
1997100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Amateur Athletic Union and the holding of the oldest race Běchovice-Praha200 korun07.05.19973,00022,500
1997650th anniversary of the foundation of the  Na Slovanech-Emauzy monastery200 korun19.11.19973,00022,500
1998650th anniversary of the foundation of Charles University in Prague200 korun18.03.19983,00026,500
1998200th anniversary of the birth of František Palacký200 korun10.06.19983,00020,000
1998150th anniversary of the birth of František Kmoch200 korun22.07.19983,00020,000
1998800th anniversary of the Coronation of the Czech King Přemysl I Otakar200 korun05.08.19983,00020,000
199950th anniversary of the foundation of NATO200 korun24.03.19993,00020,000
1999200th anniversary of the foundation of Academy of Art and Sculpture200 korun01.09.19993,00020,000
1999100th anniversary of the foundation of the Brno University of Technology200 korun16.09.19993,20020,000
1999100th anniversary of the birth of Ondřej Sekora200 korun22.09.19993,20020,000
2000100th anniversary of the birth of Vítězslav Nezval200 korun17.05.20003,20020,000
2000700th anniversary of the currency reform by Václav II and the commencement of minting of the Pragergroschen200 korun21.06.20003,50020,000
2000The InternationalMonetary Fund and World Bank Group Meetings in Prague200 korun13.09.200033,00020,000
2000150th anniversary of the birth and 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Zdeněk Fibich200 korun04.10.20003,20017,000
2000Coin to mark the start of the new millenium.200 korun29.11.20003,50017,000
2001200th anniversary of birth of the composerFrantišek Škroup200 korun30.05.20013,30017,000
2001100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Football200 korun05.09.20014,00019,000
2001100th anniversary of the birth of Jaroslav Seifert200 korun19.09.20013,50016,000
2001250th anniversary of the death of Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer200 korun21.11.20013,700179,000
2001Introduction of the single european currency, the euro, into circulation200 korun05.12.20014,00017,000
2002750th anniversary of the death of st. Zdislava of Lemberk200 korun02.01.20024,00016,500
2002100th anniversary of the death of traveller Emil Holub200 korun20.02.20024,00016,500
2002550th anniversary: George of Poděbrady appointed Governor of the Crown Lands of Bohemia200 korun24.04.20024,20016,000
2002150th anniversary of the birth of Mikolas Ales, the Czech painter200 korun06.11.20025,00015,500
2003150th anniversary of the birth of Jaroslav Vrchlický200 korun05.03.20034,50015,500
2003150th anniversary of the birth of Josef Thomayer200 korun19.03.20034,50014,000
2003100th anniversary of the first electrified railway from Tábor to Bechyne200 korun18.06.20034,60014,500
2003100th anniversary of the foundation of the Skiers' Union in the Kingdom of Bohemia200 korun19.11.20035,00014,500
2004400th anniversary of the death of Jakub Krčín of Jelčany (pisciculturist)200 korun21.01.20044,60014,000
2004The accession of the Czech Republic to the EU200 korun28.04.200410,00014,000
2004250th anniversary of contructing of  the lightning conductor by Prokop Diviš200 korun25.05.20044,60014,000
2004150th anniversary of the birth of Leoš Janáček200 korun23.06.20044,60014,000
2004425th anniversary of the first edition of the Kralická bible(the first standard of literary Czech language)200 korun20.10.20045,00013,500
2005150th anniversary of the birth of Jan Werich and Jiří Voskovec (Czech actors)200 korun02.02.20055,00013,500
2005100th anniversary of the production of the first automobile in Mladá Boleslav200 korun02.02.200511,00014,000
2005200th anniversary of the battle of Austerlitz200 korun16.11.20058,50013,500
2005450th anniversary of the birth of Mikuláš Dačický of Heslov (poet, politician)200 korun07.12.20056,00012,000
2006250th anniversary of the birth of physicist and engineer František Josef Gerstner200th anniversary of the teaching starts at the Prague Polytechnic University200 korun22.02.20068,00013,500
2006150th anniversary of the foundation of the School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov200 korun29.03.20067,50012,000
2006400th anniversary of the death of Matěj Rejsek200 korun21.06.20066,50010,000
2006700th anniversary of the male line of the Premyslid dynasty ends with the death of Wenceslas III200 korun26.07.20067,50011,500
2006100th anniversary of birth of composer Jaroslav Ježek 20 September 2006200 korun20.09.200620,00011,500
2007550 anniversary of foundation of Jednota bratrská (Unitas Fratrum)200 korun21.03.20078,30010,500
2007650th anniversary of laying of the foundation stone of Charles Bridge in Prague200 korun20.06.200720,00010,800
2007100th anniversary of birth of opera singer Jarmila Novotná200 korun05.09.200712,80010,200
200750th anniversary of launch of the first Earth satellite200 korun19.09.200714,80010,400
2008650th anniversary of decree of Charles IV on Vineyard Planting200 korun06.02.200817,0009,800
2008100th anniversary of death of architect Josef Hlávka200 korun05.03.200816,0009,600
2008Entry into the Schengen Area200 korun26.03.200816,0009,800
2008150th anniversary of birth of cinema pioneer Viktor Ponrepo200 korun28.05.200815,0009,600
2008100th anniversary of foundation of the National Technical Museum200 korun18.06.200815,00010,000
2008100th anniversary of foundation of the Czech Ice Hockey Association200 korun20.08.200815,10010,600
2009Czech Presidency to the EU200 korun07.01.200919,70013,200
2009FIS Nordic World Ski Championships200 korun18.02.200915,20011,000
2009100th anniversary of reaching of the North Pole200 korun04.03.200917,60010,500
2009400th anniversary of death of Rabbi Jehuda Löw200 korun17.06.200918,10011,300
2009400th anniversary - Kepler´ s Laws of Planetary Motion200 korun21.10.200920,70010,700
2010600th anniversary - Construction of the Astronomical Clock in Prague's Old Town200 korun17.03.201016,50010,800
2010150th anniversary - Birth of composer Gustav Mahler200 korun09.06.201015,40010,400
2010150th anniversary - Birth of painter Alfons Mucha200 korun23.06.201015,90010,300
2010700th anniversary – John of Luxembourg’s marriage to Elisabeth of Premyslides200 korun01.09.201013,9009,600
2010100th anniversary birth of director Karel Zeman200 korun27.10.201013,2009,500
2011Prague conservatory opens200 korun30.03.201111,5007,800
2011100th anniversary of the first long-distance flight by Jan Kašpar200 korun27.04.201111,6007,800
2011500th anniversary of birth of Jiří Melantrich200 korun15.06.201111,6007,900
2011Death of Petr Vok of Rožmberk200 korun19.10.201112,4008,300
2012Death of King Rudolf II200 korun11.01.201212,6008,100
2012Foundation of Sokol movement200 korun15.02.201212,2008,000
2012Foundation of Junák scout movement200 korun11.04.201212,2008,000
2012Birth of painter Kamil Lhoták200 korun20.06.201213,2007,700
2012Opening of Municipal house in Prague200 korun07.11.201213,6007,700
201320 years of the CNB and Czech currency200 korun06.02.201318,7007,300
2013Birth of philologist and philanthropist Aloys Klar200 korun10.04.201315,6006,900
2013Foundation of Zlatá koruna (Gold Crown) monastery200 korun19.06.201315,4006,900
2013Birth of footballer Josef Bican200 korun11.09.201314,3006,800
2013Birth of inventor and chemist Otto Wichterle200 korun23.10.201314,2006,700
2014Birth of writer Bohumil Hrabal200 korun26.03.201411,7006,100
2014Birth of Czech nobleman Kryštof Harant z Polžic a Bezdružic200 korun11.06.201411,5005,800
2014Foundation of Czechoslovak legions200 korun06.08.201411,7006,000
2014Birth of entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa Jr.200 korun03.09.201412,1005,800
201425th Anniversary of 17 November 1989200 korun12.11.201414,9005,900
2015Foundation of České Budějovice as royal city200 korun03.06.201510,9005,600
2015Bedřich Hrozný deciphers Hittite200 korun03.06.201510,6005,500
2015Birth of engineer Jan Perner200 korun05.09.201510,6005,500
2015Josef Božek presents his steam car200 korun19.09.201510,6005,500
2016125th anniversary of the General Land Centennial Exhibition200 korun11.05.20169,6005,200
2016Battle of Hradec Králové200 korun29.06.201610,0005,300
2016Birth of Jan Jessenius200 korun14.12.201610,0005,400
2017Birth of Maria Theresa200 korun26.04.201711,3005,600
2017Operation Anthropoid200 korun24.05.201711,6005,400
2017Birth of Josef Kainar200 korun14.06.201710,2005,500
2017Foundation of Hollar, the Association of Czech Graphic Artists 200 korun04.10.20179,7005,300
2017Consecration of Saint Wenceslas Chapel in Saint Vitus Cathedral200 korun29.11.201711,6005,800
2017Czech astronomical society200 korun06.12.201710,4005,400
2018Issuance of Klaudyán map (first map of Bohemia)200 korun28.02.201810,2005,800
2018Foundation of National Museum 200 korun05.09.201810,6005,600
2018Death of Jan Brokoff200 korun12.12.20189,9005,300
2019Foundation of Czechoslovak Red Cross200 korun06.02.20199,2005,900
2019Aleš Hrdlička200 korun20.03.20198,8004,700
2019Construction of Bohemia B-5 (first Czech-produced aeroplane)200 korun24.04.20199,4005,000
2019First defenestration in Prague200 korun24.07.201910,7005,500
2020Start of minting of Jáchymov thaler 200 korun08.01.202012,3006,700
2020Birth of Božena Němcová200 korun29.01.202011,1005,600
2020Foundation of the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod200 korun17.06.202010,3005,400
2020Promulgation of Four Articles of Prague200 korun01.07.202011,3005,800
2020Birth of Adolf Loos200 korun02.12.202010,7005,600
2021200th Anniversary of the Birth of Karel Havlíček Borovský200 korun?
2021100th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Janský200 korun08.09.202110,7005,600
2021150th Anniversary of the Birth of František Kupka200 korun22.09.202110,9005,600
2022150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jože Plečnik200 korun?
2022200th Anniversary of the Birth of Gregor Mendel200 korun?
2022100th Anniversary of the Birth of Dana Zátopková and Emil Zátopek200 korun?
202375th Anniversary of the Appointment of Josef Karel Matocha as archbishop of Olomouc200 korun?
2023100th Anniversary of the Start of regular broadcasting by Czechoslovak Radio200 korun?
2023150th Anniversary of the Birth of Max Švabinský200 korun?
2023300th Anniversary of the Death of Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel200 korun?
2023200th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Blahoslav200 korun?
2024150th Anniversary of the Birth of Josef Suk200 korun?
2024350th Anniversary of the Death of Karel Škréta200 korun?
2024Publication of Comenius’ map of Moravia200 korun?
2024200th Anniversary of the Birth of Bedřich Smetana200 korun?
2025Establishment of Czech savings bank Böhmische Sparkasse200 korun?
2025Discovery of the statue of a woman in Dolní Věstonice (the Venus of Dolní Věstonice)200 korun?
2025900th Anniversary of the Death of chronicler Cosmas200 korun?