200250 years North South Connection in Brussels10 euro?50,000
2003100. birthday of Georges Simenon10 euro?50,000
200475 years Tintin et Milou10 euro?50,000
2004Enlargement of the European Union10 euro?50,000
200575 years Heysel Stadium / 100 years International Football matches the Netherlands - Belgium10 euro?50,000
200560 years Peace and Freedom10 euro?50,000
2006400. anniversary of the death Justus Lipsius10 euro?50,000
200650th Anniversary of the Mining disaster in Marcinelle10 euro?48,000
200650th Anniversary of the Mining disaster in Marcinelle - colored 10 euro?2,000
200750 Years Treaty of Rome10 euro?40,000
20074. International Polar Year10 euro?50,000
2008100 years The blue bird - colored10 euro?20,000
2008Beijing Summer Olympics10 euro?20,000
2009Erasmus of Rotterdam10 euro?15,000
200975. birthday of König Albert II.10 euro?15,000
2010100. birthday of of Django Reinhardt10 euro?20,000
2010100 years African Museum10 euro?20,000
2011Belgian deep sea exploration10 euro?15,000
2011Discovery of the South Pole10 euro?15,000
2012Olympic Games in London10 euro?
2012Paul Delvaux10 euro14.05.201215,000
2013Hugo Claus10 euro?
2013100 years of the Tour of Flanders10 euro?
2014200th Anniversary of the Birth of Adolphe Sax10 euro04.02.201415,000
2014100 Years After the Beginning of the First World War10 euro25.04.201415,000
2015200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo10 euro?10,000
201570 years of Peace in Europe10 euro18.05.201510,000
2016Olympic Games - Rio 201610 euro?
2016Albert Einstein10 euro?
2017Till Eulenspiegel 150 Years10 euro?
2017Eurostar: Antwerp Station10 euro?5,000
2018Peter Paul Rubens10 euro?1,000
201840 years of death Jacques Brel10 euroOct 20185,000
2019450th Anniversary of the Death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder10 euro24.01.20195,000
2019100th anniversary of Briek Schotte’s birth10 euro14.08.20193,000
2020500th birthday Christoffel Plantijn10 euro?3,000
2020Gothic - Jan van Eyck10 euro?3,000