2002Europe, a Project of Peace and Unity 5 euro10.09.200210,000
2003Year of the Rosary 5 euro14.10.200310,000
2004150th Anniv. of the Proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception5 euro28.10.200413,000
2005Sede Vacante 5 euro30.06.200513,440
200560th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War 5 euro06.12.200513,000
200639th World Day of Peace5 euro09.11.200614,160
200740th World Day of Peace5 euro23.10.200713,694
2008XXIII. World Youth Day in Sydney 2008 5 euro15.10.20089,600
200942nd World Day of Peace 2009 5 euro18.11.20099,600
201096th World Day of Migrants and Refugees 5 euro12.10.20109,998
201144th World Day of Peace 5 euro18.10.20119,500
2011Beatification of Pope John Paul II5 euro18.10.20117,998
2012Centenary of the Birth of John Paul I 5 euro16.10.20128,999
2013Sede Vacante MMXIII5 euro?10,000
2013Beginning of the Pontificate of Pope Francis5 euro10.09.20137,000
2013Pontificate of Pope Francis5 euro15.10.20135,999
201447th World Day of Peace 5 euro14.10.20145,999
2015Family and Evangelization5 euro08.06.20156,499
2015XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops5 euro06.10.20156,500
201649th World Day of Peace5 euro?5,500
201750th World Day of Peace5 euro?5,500
201840th anniversary of the death of Pope Paul VI5 euro04.10.20184,449
2019150th anniversary of the foundation of the Circolo di San Pietro5 euro16.09.20194,500
2020World Day of Migrants and Refugees5 euro14.10.20203,300
202150th Anniversary of the Association of St. Peter and St. Paul5 euro?
2022Laudato Si5 euro01.11.20224,300
2023The Twelve Apostles: St. John5 euro?3,300
2023Holy Year 2025 - Pilgrims of Hope - Solidarity5 euro?