5 euro - World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Series: Vatican City - Silver 5 euro coins

Image of 5 euro coin - World Day of Migrants and Refugees | Vatican City 2020.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The sacrifice of millions of men and women forced to flee or emigrate from their countries of origin takes place with such suffering and such painful consequences that the pastoral ministry of the Church - expert in humanity - cannot ignore it. The Church asks and begs for assistance in favor of migrants and refugees and hopes to be heard - for the love of Our Lord Jesus, who in all the marginalized, is suffering, is a pilgrim, is in need - among all men and women of goodwill. The Vatican City State Mint celebrates the World Day of Migrants and Refugees with a 5 euro silver coin made by Marco Ventura depicting Peter, Prince of the Apostles, who welcomes, protects and provides for all those who take refuge in the Church and who call on us to be a Church without borders, mother of all, which has the privilege of showing the way of the Gospel of mercy for a better world.