2002World Football Cup 2002200 euro?4,000
200325th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution200 euro?4,000
2003First anniversary of the euro200 euro?20,000
20045th Centenary of Isabella I of Castile200 euro?5,000
2004The Europa Program - Enlargement of the European Union200 euro?5,000
2004Wedding of the Prince of Asturias200 euro?30,000
200525th Anniversary of the Prince Asturias Awards200 euro?3,000
2005The Europa Program - Peace and Freedom200 euro?4,000
2006The Europa Program – Charles V200 euro?3,500
2007The Europa Program – 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome200 euro?3,500
2007The Song of My Cid200 euro?3,500
2008Europa Program-Alphonse X the Wise200 euro?3,500
2008European Champions 2008200 euro?20,000
2008Spanish Painters Series - Velázquez200 euro?3,500
2009The Europa Program - Felipe II200 euro?3,000
2010Europa Program - Antoni Gaudí200 euro?3,000
2011Europa Program - Francisco de Orellana200 euro?3,000
2012Juan Gris200 euro?4,000
2013500th Anniversary of the Pacific Ocean200 euro01.10.20133,000
2014Manuel de Falla200 euro?2,500
201570 Years of United Nations200 euro?2,500
2016Contemporary Europe200 euro?2,500
20164th Centenary of the death of Cervantes200 euro?2,500
2017The Age of Iron and Glass200 euro?2,500
2018Baroque and Rococo200 euro?2,000
2018150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos200 euro01.08.20181,500
2019The Renaissance200 euro26.05.20192,500
2020Gothic200 euro01.08.20182,500