2009Protection of Nature and Landscape - Veľká Fatra National Park 20 euro16.06.200912,6009,900
2010Protection of Nature and Landscape - Poloniny National Park 20 euro29.09.201010,3508,150
2011Historical Preservation Area of Trnava 20 euro27.09.20119,9508,150
2012Conservation Area of the Trenčín Town 20 euro19.03.20127,5005,900
2013Conservation Area of the Košice Town Košice - the European Capital of Culture for 2013 20 euro25.02.20136,3503,350
2014Protected Opalfield - Dubnícke Mines20 euro18.06.20145,3002,750
2016Historical Preservation Area of Banská Bystrica20 euro30.03.20165,4002,900
2017Historical Preservation Area of Levoča and the 500th anniversary of the completion of the high altarpiece in St Jacob's Church20 euro15.05.20176,2003,400
2020Poľana Mountains Protected Landscape Area20 euro17.09.20206,7503,000
2021100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Demänovská Cave of Liberty20 euroJun 20216,4502,700
2022Kysuce Protected Area20 euroSep 20226,3002,700
2023Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area20 euroSep 2023
2025Dunajské luhy Protected Landscape Area20 euroSep 2025