20 euro - Protection of Nature and Landscape - Veľká Fatra National Park

Series: Slovakia - Silver 20 euro coins

Image of 20 euro coin - Protection of Nature and Landscape - Veľká Fatra National Park  | Slovakia 2009.  The Silver coin is of Proof, BU quality.

The National Park Veľká Fatra was established in 2002, with an area of more than 40 371 ha. As much as 85 % of the area is covered by forests, often of a primeval type. One of its unique features is the occurence of the common yew, a protected tree species that has become rare in Europe. Hôľna Fatra forms the main ridge featuring meadows and pastures. Its highest peak, Ostredok, is 1592 m high. The topography of Bralná Fatra is typical for its karst elements such as rocky walls, windows and canyon-like valleys – Gaderská, Blatnická, Belianska, Bystrická. The many caves in this area serve as suitable hibernation spots for bats. The only cave made accessible to public is the Harmanecká cave.

There are more than one thousand species of higher plants in the area. A rare endemic also grows here - cyclamen fatrense. The outstanding beauty of the martagon lily, perennial honesty, anemone narcissiflora and pulsatilla slavica is certain to draw attention. Deep forests provide shelter to many animal species. The most notable ones include the brown bear, grey wolf, and the Eurasian lynx. The rocky walls accommodate rare birds of prey – the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon. The presence of our rarest gallinaceous birds – the capercaillie and the black grouse – is of extraordinary importance.