2010UNESCO World Heritage – Wooden Temples in the Slovak Part of the Carpathian Arch 100 euro01.12.20106,640
2011Ruler of the Nitrian Principality Pribina  - the 1150th anniversary of the death 100 euro07.12.20116,800
2012Coronations in Bratislava - the 300th anniversary of the coronation of Karol III 100 euro10.12.20125,200
2013Coronations in Bratislava - the 450th anniversary of the coronation of Maximilian II 100 euro18.11.20134,300
2014Rastislav, Ruler of Great Moravia 100 euro03.11.20144,000
2015UNESCO World Heritage Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians100 euro03.12.20154,100
2016Bratislava Coronations - 275th anniversary of the coronation of Maria Theresa100 euro17.05.20164,300
2017World Natural Heritage - Caves of Slovak Karst100 euro15.11.20174,250
2018Bratislava Coronations - 400th anniversary of the coronation of Ferdinand II100 euro19.11.20184,250
2019Mojmir I, Ruler of Great Moravia100 euro18.11.20194,100
2020Svatopluk II, Ruler of the Nitrian Principality100 euroNov 20203,950
2021UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in Slovakia: The fujara and its music100 euro18.10.20213,900
2022Bratislava Coronations - 450th anniversary of the coronation of Rudolf100 euroNov 20224,200
20231400th anniversary of the establishment of Samo's Empire100 euroNov 2023
2024UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in Slovakia – Blue-dyeing100 euroDec 2024
2024700th anniversary of the introduction of the gold ducat coin in the Kingdom of Hungary100 euroNov 2025