2002Derbent 10 rubles27.06.2002
2002Kostroma 10 rubles27.06.2002
2002Staraya Russa 10 rubles27.06.2002
2003Pskov 10 rubles25.02.2003
2003Murom 10 rubles06.10.2003
2003Dorogobuzh 10 rubles06.10.2003
2003Kasimov 10 rubles06.10.2003
2004Dmitrov 10 rubles22.09.2004
2004Riyazhsk 10 rubles22.09.2004
2004Kemy 10 rubles22.09.2004
2005Kaliningrad 10 rubles19.05.2005
2005Kazan 10 rubles19.05.2005
2005Mcensk 10 rubles04.10.2005
2005Borovsk 10 rubles04.10.2005
2006Belgorod 10 rubles02.10.2006
2006Torzhok 10 rubles02.10.2006
2006Kargopol 10 rubles02.10.2006
2007City of Vologda (the XIIth century) 10 rubles01.10.2007
2007Town of Veliky Ustyug (the XIIth century)10 rubles01.10.2007
2007The Town of Gdov (the XVth century)10 rubles01.10.2007
2008Vladimir (XIIth century) 10 rubles01.02.2008
2008Prioziorsk, Leningrad Region (XIIth century) 10 rubles01.08.2008
2008Smolensk (IXth century) 10 rubles01.11.2008
2008Azov (XIII th century) 10 rubles01.11.2008
2009Vyborg, (XIIIth century)10 rubles02.03.2009
2009Galich, (XIIIth century)10 rubles01.06.2009
2009Kaluga, (XIVth century) 10 rubles01.06.2009
2009Veliky Novgorod, (the IXth century) 10 rubles03.08.2009
2010Bryansk (the Xth c.) 10 rubles01.03.2010
2010Yuryevets, (XIIIth century)10 rubles01.03.2010
2011Yelets, Lipetsk Region 10 rubles01.03.2011
2011Solikamsk, Perm Krai 10 rubles01.03.2011
2012Belozersk, Vologda Region 10 rubles01.06.2012
2014Nerekhta, Kostroma Region 10 rubles10.01.2014
2016Rzhev, Tver Region 10 rubles11.07.2016
2016Velikiye Luki, Pskov Region 10 rubles11.07.2016
2016Zubtsov, Tver Region 10 rubles11.07.2016
2017Olonets, the Republic of Karelia10 rubles20.04.2017
2018Gorokhovets10 rubles01.06.20185 mil.
2019Vyazma, Smolensk Region10 rubles06.05.20195 mil.
2019Klin, Moscow Region10 rubles05.09.20195 mil.
2020Kozelsk, Kaluga Region10 rubles20.07.20205 mil.
2021Nizhny Novgorod10 rubles28.05.20211 mil.