1939The Royal Visit1 dollar?1.364 mil.
1949Newfoundland's accession to Canada1 dollar?672,218
1958The founding of British Columbia1 dollar?3.04 mil.
1964The Confederation meetings1 dollar?7.297 mil.
1967The centennial dollar1 dollar?6.767 mil.
1970Manitoba's centennial1 dollar?4.14 mil.
1971British Columbia's centennial1 dollar?4.261 mil.
1973Prince Edward Island's centennial1 dollar?3.196 mil.
1974Winnipeg's centennial1 dollar?2.799 mil.
1982The Constitution commemorative coin1 dollar?13.356 mil.
1984Jacques Cartier on the Gaspé1 dollar?1.223 mil.
1992The 125th Anniversary of Confederation1 dollar?27.253 mil.
1992The 125th Anniversary of Confederation1 dollar?27.253 mil.
1994The National War Memorial coin1 dollar?40.406 mil.
1995The Peacekeeping coin1 dollar?41.813 mil.
2004Lucky Loonie1 dollar?10.894 mil.
2005Terry Fox1 dollar?44.375 mil.
2006Lucky Loonie1 dollar?49.111 mil.
2008Lucky Loonie1 dollar?
2009Montreal Canadiens1 dollar?10 mil.
2010OLYMPIC Lucky Loonie1 dollar?
2010Navy Marine 20101 dollar?7 mil.
2010100th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Roughriders1 dollar?3 mil.
2011Parks Canada Centennial 1 dollar07.10.2011
2012100th Grey Cup1 dollar?
2014Olympic Lucky Loonie1 dollar?
2016100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote1 dollar?5 mil.
2016Lucky Loonie 20161 dollar?5 mil.
2017100 years of the Toronto Maple Leafs1 dollar?
2017150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada1 dollar?
201950th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada1 dollar01.05.2019
202075th Anniversary of the Signing Of The United Nations Charter1 dollar01.11.2020
2021125th Anniversary of the Klondike Gold Rush1 dollar?
2022Celebrating Oscar Peterson1 dollar?