2018American Innovators - Introductory Coin1 dollar??
2019Pennsylvania - The creation of a vaccine to prevent polio1 dollar??
2019New Jersey - The Development of a Lightbulb1 dollar??
2019Georgia - The First Agricultural Experimental Garden in America1 dollar??
2019Delaware - The System for Slassifying the Stars - Annie Jump Cannon 1 dollar??
2020Connecticut - Gerber Variable Scale1 dollar??
2020Massachusetts - the invention of the telephone1 dollar??
2020Maryland - Hubble Space Telescope1 dollar??
2020South Carolina - Septima Poinsette Clark1 dollar??
2021New Hampshire - Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games1 dollar??
2021Virginia - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel1 dollar??
2021New York - The Erie Canal1 dollar??
2021North Carolina - The first public institution of higher learning in the United States1 dollar??
2022Vermont - Snowboarding1 dollar??
2022Kentucky - Bluegrass music1 dollar??
2022Tennessee1 dollar??
2022Rhode Island - Sailing heritage1 dollar23.02.2022?
2023Louisiana1 dollar??
2023Indiana1 dollar??
2023Mississippi1 dollar??
2023Ohio1 dollar30.01.2023?