2003FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 - Issue 2003100 euro?25,000
2004FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 – Issue 2004100 euro?25,000
2009FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010100 euro?6,000
20092nd Series Numismatic Treasures100 euro?6,000
20113rd Series Numismatic Treasures – 2 Escudos - Swinthila Visigothic Tremissis100 euro?6,000
20132014 FIFA World Cup Brazil100 euro?1124,000
2013Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada100 euro?4,000
2013Miguel de Cervantes100 euro18.03.20135,000
20145th Series Numismatic Treasures: Queen Isabella100 euro01.04.20146,000
2015400 Years of Don Quijote100 euro?2,500
20156th Series Numismatic Treasures: 400th anniversary of the inauguration of the Mint of Madrid100 euro?2,500
2016Spanish Olympic Team100 euro?2,500
20167th Series Numismatic Treasures: Hemidrachm from Ebusu100 euro?2,500
20165th Centenary of Ferdinand II of Aragon100 euro?2,500
2017FIFA World Cup Russia 2018100 euro?2,000
20178th Series Numismatic Treasures100 euro?
20179th Series Numismatic Treasures - House of Habsburg100 euro?2,000
2018FIFA Russia 2018100 euro17.04.20183,500
2018150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos100 euro01.08.20182,000
2018150th Anniversary Spanish Escudos50 euro01.08.20182,500
2019Bicentenary of the Museum del Prado - The hunting of Meleagro100 euro19.03.20192,500
2019Bicentenary of the Museum del Prado - Orestes y Pílades or Grupo de San Ildefonso100 euro19.03.20192,500
2019Bicentenary of the Museum del Prado - Carlos V100 euro19.03.20192,500