2010The centennial anniversary of the first flight of an aircraft engineered by Aurel Vlaicu50 bani25.10.20105,000
2011625th anniversary of Mircea the Elder's ascension to the throne of Wallachia 50 bani12.09.201150 mil.
2012500 years since the enthronement of Saint Voivode Neagoe Basarab in Wallachia and since the initiation of construction works on the church of Curtea de Argeş Monastery50 bani26.06.20121 mil.
2014650th anniversary of the beginning of the reign of Vladislav I Vlaicu50 bani28.04.20141,000,000
201710 years since Romania’s accession to the European Union50 bani19.06.20175,000
2017100 years since the Romanian Army’s victories at Mărăşti, Mărăşeşti and Oituz50 bani24.07.20175,000
2017100 years since Ecaterina Teodoroiu became the first female combat officer of the Romanian Army50 bani15.09.20175,000
2018100 years since the union of Bessarabia with Romania50 bani26.03.20185,000
2018140 years since the union of Dobruja with Romania50 bani27.08.20185,000
2019The Apostolic journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to Romania50 bani30.05.201910,000
2019King Ferdinand I, the Unifier50 bani27.08.201910,000
201930 years since the Romanian Revolution of December 198950 bani16.12.201950,000