50 bani - King Ferdinand I, the Unifier

Series: Romania - Commemorative 50 bani coins

Image of 50 bani coin - King Ferdinand I, the Unifier | Romania 2019.  The Bronze coin is of Proof quality.
Obverse: images of King Ferdinand I’s and Queen Maria’s first visit to Transylvania united to the Motherland, namely in Oradea, on 23 May 1919, the inscription “ROMANIA” in an arc, the face value “50 BANI”, the coat of arms of Romania, the year of issue “2019” and the letter “N” inscribed in a circle, as a distinctive sign of the collector coin. Edge: “ROMANIA” inscribed twice, with an asterisk separating the inscriptions. Revers: the portrait of King Ferdinand I and the inscriptions “FERDINAND I” and “INTREGITORUL” in an arc.