Series was ended in 2007

2004Hungary’s joining the European Union50 forint30.04.20041 mil.
200515th anniversary of the establishment of the International Children’s Safety Service50 forint19.10.20052 mil.
2006125th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Red Cross50 forint15.09.20062 mil.
200650th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence50 forint20.10.20062 mil.
200750th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome50 forint20.10.20062 mil.
2015Hungary’s national and historical memorials50 forint03.09.20152 mil.
201670th Anniversary of Introduction of Hungary’s Legal Tender50 forint20.08.20012 mil.
201717th FINA World Championships50 forint?
20182018 IIHF World Championship Division I Group A50 forint18.04.2018
2018Year of the Families50 forint28.05.20182 mil.
2018The Wrestling World Championship50 forint17.10.20182 mil.
2019FIE World Fencing Championship50 forint09.07.20192 mil.
2020150 years of organised fire departments in Hungary50 forint30.04.20202 mil.
202152nd International Eucharistic Congress50 forint01.09.20212 mil.
202375th anniversary of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service50 forint09.05.20231 mil.