50 forint - 75th anniversary of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service

Series: Hungary - Commemorative 50 forint coins

Image of 50 forint coin - 75th anniversary of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service | Hungary 2023.  The Copper–Nickel (CuNi) coin is of BU quality.
The thematic side of the new 50-forint circulation coin was designed by sculptor Zoltán Kovács. The technical parameters of the coin are identical to the 50-forint coins in circulation. The coin is made from an alloy of copper (75%) and nickel (25%). It weighs 7.7 grams with a diameter of 27.4 mm. The rim is 1.8 mm thick and its edge is smooth. There will be 1 million pieces made of the 50-forint commemorative circulation coins issued to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the NAS. The public will be able to familiarise themselves with the new coin in circulation in cash transactions while making everyday purchases. The MNB will not exchange denominations in its retail cash office. From 10 May 2023 onwards, 12,000 pieces of the 1 million pieces in total will be available for purchase in a serial numbered decorative packaging as first-day mint (in BU finish) through the sales channels of the Hungarian Mint Zrt. As a collector's item, the new collector version of the 50-forint circulation coins will also be available in a roll of 50 coins at the same place.