2021Sopron, the most loyal town15000 forint14.12.20215,000
2022The Hungarian invention providing the basis for mRNA-vaccines15000 forint10.03.202210,000
2022100th anniversary of the birth of Ágnes Nemes Nagy15000 forint11.04.20225,000
2022240th anniversary of the foundation of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics15000 forint20.04.20225,000
2022Milton Friedman15000 forint11.07.20224,000
2022Vilma Hugonnai, the first female doctor in Hungary15000 forint29.09.20225,000
2023200th anniversary of the writing of the poem Hymn15000 forint23.01.20235,000
202375th anniversary of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service15000 forint09.05.20235,000
2023National Archives of Hungary15000 forint06.07.20237,000
2023220th anniversary of Ferenc Deák’s birth15000 forint17.10.20235,000
2023250th Anniversary of the Birth of Mihály Csokonai Vitéz15000 forint17.11.20235,000
2023300th anniversary of the Curia of Hungary15000 forint11.12.20235,000
2024Kincsem, the Hungarian Racehorse15000 forint12.03.20245,000
2024125th anniversary of Sára Salkaházi’s birth15000 forint11.05.20245,0005,000
2024XXXIII Summer Olympic and the XVII Paralympic Games15000 forint15.05.20245,000