50 euro - The Heritage of Lira: 1 Lira

Image of 50 euro coin - The Heritage of Lira: 1 Lira | Italy 2021.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
Obverse Reproduction of the obverse of the 1 lira coin issued in 1951 showing a scale and, around, the inscription, "REPUBBLICA•ITALIANA. In exergue, the name of the designer, "CASSOL"; around, a dot-decorated frame.
Reverse Reproduction of the reverse of the 1 lira coin showing a cornucopia next to the number "1" of the coin’s value in the 1950s. On the left, the value "50 EURO", "2021", the year of the coin’s issue and "R", identifying the Mint of Rome respectively; around, a dot-decorated frame.
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