5 euro - the Italian Presidency of the G20

Series: Italy - Bimetal 5 euro coins

Image of 5 euro coin - the Italian Presidency of the G20 | Italy 2020.  The Bimetal: CuNi, nordic gold coin is of Proof quality.
The Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a special coin in honor of the Italian G20 Presidency. Produced by the State Institute of Printing and Minting, the coin celebrates the important role played by our country within the international community, through refined artistic elements that mark its shape and value. On the obverse, on the left, the work represents an allegorical composition of Italy with a woman's profile, a five-pointed star and a detail of a toothed wheel. On the right, the Italian flag and the number "20" stand out, along with an olive and an oak leaf. Around the edges, a ribbon with the words “Italian Republic”; below, the name of the author "Colaneri". On the reverse, the logo of the Italian G20 Presidency can be seen in the center; at the top the year of issue "2020"; in the left field the acronym "R", identifying the Institute of Printing and Minting based in Rome; around the edges the words “Italian Presidency” and at the bottom the value “5 euro”. The innovative minting technologies used for this special coin enhance the beauty of the design and the uniqueness of the artistic trait and creative gesture by the author Maria Carmela Colaneri. The coin, with a nominal value of 5 euros, in proof finish and minted in 4,000 copies, can be purchased at the points of sale and on the website of the State Institute of Printing and Minting.