5 euro - Pizza and Mozzarella

Series: Italy - Italy’s Food and Wine Culture

Image of 5 euro coin - Pizza and Mozzarella | Italy 2020.  The Copper–Nickel (CuNi) coin is of BU quality.
Obverse: composition of elements representing the Campania region: Pulcinella, pizza and a view of the Gulf of Naples. The inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA” (“ITALIAN REPUBLIC”) is reproduced on a scroll with typical decorations from Campania; below, on the left, the word "CAMPANIA"; on the right, the name of the designer, "COLANERI". Coin with coloured elements. Reverse: a cornucopia with the ingredients of pizza, one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world. The composition depicts the mouth of an oven and a detail of the bas-relief of the Corteo Bacchico (Naples National Archaeological Museum). Around, arch-shaped inscription "SAPORI D'ITALIA” (“FLAVOURS OF ITALY”); on the right, the year of issue, "2020"; on the left, the value "5 EURO" and "R" identifying the Mint of Rome. Coin with coloured elements.