5 euro - Italian Cultural Capitals: Pesaro

Image of 5 euro coin - Italian Cultural Capitals: Pesaro | Italy 2024
A tribute to Pesaro, Capital of Culture 2024, expressed in an artistic narration that enhances the immortal beauty of the Palazzo Ducale, the Fontana di Piazza del Popolo, and the magnificence of the Rocca Costanza. Obverse: In the background, frontal view of the Ducal Palace of Pesaro; in the foreground the fountain in Piazza del Popolo, known as "the pupil of Pesaro". Around, the inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”; on the right, the name of the designer “U.PERNAZZA”. Reverse: On the left, a detail of the “Rocca Costanza”, an imposing 15th century fortress, commissioned by Costanzo Sforza; on the right, a Caryatid, detail of a fresco from Villa Imperiale, an ancient noble residence on the hills of Pesaro. Around, the inscription “CAPITALE ITALIANA DELLA CULTURA 2024”; below, “PESARO”; on the left, the value “5 EURO”; on the right, “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome.