5 euro - Franciacorta and Panettone

Series: Italy - Italy’s Food and Wine Culture

Image of 5 euro coin - Franciacorta and Panettone | Italy 2022.  The Copper–Nickel (CuNi) coin is of BU quality.
Obverse: in the foreground some ingredients of the “Pan de Toni” which, according to legend, turned into the modern name of the panettone, the typical Lombard cake: egg, lemon, flour, orange peel, candied citron, raisins, butter; the typical basket used to cool the dessert upside down after cooking stands out against the composition; on the left, the outline of a stem glass and of a bottle of sparkling wine. In the background, stylised Guelph battlements which are typical of the castles in the Franciacorta area, and a skyline of the most important monuments of Lombardia: the Ducal Palace of Mantua, the Palazzo della Loggia in Brescia, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Torrazzo in Cremona; the composition is completed by the Camunian Rose, a symbol of the Region of Lombardy which was inspired by the rock carvings of the Val Camonica recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Above, the arch-shaped inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”. In exergue, the name of the designer “M. BONIFACIO”.
Reverse: reproduction of a panettone and a glass in which the sparkling wine, which is typical of the Franciacorta area, is being poured; in the background, an outline of Milan Cathedral highlighting a detail of the Gothic rose window with the Visconti heraldic symbol called “Raza”, drawn from the central stained glass window in the apse of the Cathedral. Above, the inscription “SAPORI D’ITALIA”; on the right, the value “5 EURO”; on the left, “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome; in exergue, “2022”, the year of the coin’s issue, flanked by decorative elements representing the Camunian Rose. Coin with coloured elements