10 euro - Marcus Aurelius

Series: Italy - Roman Emperors

Image of 10 euro coin - Marcus Aurelius | Italy 2020.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
Obverse: detail from the bust of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius facing right, taken from a marble sculpture kept in the Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Selçuk, Turkey. Around, the inscription "REPUBBLICA ITALIANA” (“ITALIAN REPUBLIC”); below, the name of the designer, "U. PERNAZZA". Reverse: detail from the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius which was moved to Rome's Capitoline Museums from Piazza del Campidoglio. On the left, the inscription "MARCVS AVRELIVS" and, vertically, the year of issue, "2020"; above, the value "EURO 10"; on the right, "R" identifying the Mint of Rome.