10 euro - Fontana Pretoria - Palermo

Series: Italy - Fountains of Italy

Image of 10 euro coin - Fontana Pretoria - Palermo | Italy 2024.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The Renaissance Fontana Pretoria, symbol of Palermo, crossroads of different people and populations, civilizations and traditions, is immortalized in a fascinating detail that captures its very essence and majesty. The column of the central basin emerges among suspended drops of water, thus creating an ethereal atmosphere permeated with the timeless beauty of Sicilian culture. Obverse: A detail of the Fontana Pretoria, one of the architectural symbols of the city of Palermo. Around, the inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”; on the right, the name of the designer “CASSOL”. Reverse: In the foreground, surrounded by suspended drops of water, stands the column of the central basin of the monumental fountain; in the background, the stylized plan of the Fontana Pretoria. Around, the inscriptions “FONTANA PRETORIA” and “PALERMO”; on the left, “10 EURO” and “2024”, respectively the value and the year of the coin’s issue; on the right, “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome.