5,000 forint – The Őrség National Park

Series: Hungary – Hungarian National Parks

On 22 April 2010, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a silver collector coin ‘Őrség National Park’ with a face value of HUF 5,000, in celebration of Earth Day. The collector coin was designed by Gábor Gáti. In addition to the standard design elements (the value numeral: 5000, the legend: REPUBLIC OF HUNGARY, the year of issue: 2010 and the mint mark: BP), the obverse of the coin features the Dusky Large Blue butterfly (Maculinea nausithous), the heraldic animal of the Őrség National Park, as a main motif. The reverse of the coin depicts one of the groups of buildings of the Őrség Folk Monument Complex in Szalafő-Pityerszer. The inscriptions ‘ŐRSÉG NATIONAL PARK’ and ‘Szalafő-Pityerszer’ are above, to the left and below, to the right of the group of buildings, respectively. The engraver’s mark is below the image of the group of buildings. The collector coin is rectangle shaped, made of .925 fine silver. It weighs 31.46 grams, its size is 39.6 mm×26.4 mm and it has a smooth edge.
The mintage limit is 8,000 pieces, of which 5,000 are produced using the special proof technology.